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After my big emotional outpouring about being diagnosed with Graves’ disease I kind of felt like I didn’t really know how to get back into blogging about regular things. I was planning on doing a real post earlier this week but I had a Very Difficult day dealing with doctors’ offices and health woes (including a couple new symptoms that developed this week, great), so instead I just said FORGET IT.

I took some me time to have afternoon baths and finish marathoning season 3 of Pretty Little Liars so I can catch up on season 4. I made a few banners for etsy orders and I made a few banners because WHY NOT.
Haha idek. I have actual orders to fill and this is how I spend my time.
When I print out sheets of letters for mini banners I fill in any extra space with words like “UGH” and “GROSS” or phrases like “WHATEVER FOREVER” and “CAN U NOT.” I have tons of these hanging around so I figured I’d better start using them. For these “PUKE” and “BARF” banners I used gold & silver for the letters and fuchsia and peacock for the hearts/stars, respectively. I’ll probably put these up in my etsy eventually, so if you are a big fan of puke and barf keep your eyes peeled.

I spent a lot of time making goo-goo faces at Gwen. She’s totally professional at travelling around the house to get at something she wants now. I used to keep all the remotes and controllers in a basket by the couch, but this week I had to fill it with toys instead because she kept crawling over and dumping it out. One of her rattles was kicked under the fauxdenza I’m making in the dining room and she crawled all the way there from the living room to fetch it out.
Tough baby!
I know this is a terrible picture but it’s been almost impossible to capture her new “tough baby” sneer, because as soon as I take out my camera or phone she smiles and tries to grab it.

As for my health, well I don’t really care to discuss my new symptoms because they are too personal, but I will say while one sucks SO HARD OMG I HATE IT, the other I actually don’t mind. I’ve been on medication for a week now and I’m starting to feel a little better. My sweatiness has lessened (THANK GOD) and I’m much less jittery. Sometimes I do still feel like my heart is racing but it’s not as bad as last week.

One thing that’s been happening that I am really unhappy about is weird spells of muscle weakness. I’ll be standing or walking and suddenly I’ll lose all the strength in my arms or legs. I hate it because for some reason it always happens when I’m holding Gwen! Luckily I haven’t dropped her or fallen down while holding her but I’m really afraid it might happen.

This weekend I’m looking forward to working on some more just-for-fun banners (I have some drippy-style letters printed out that I’m excited to make, as well as some cool ideas for ombre skulls), rearranging my side of the office now that Taylor’s is done:
… and making goo-goo faces at everyone in my family. They deserve it.

6 Replies to “Too Lazy for Links”

  1. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so rotten lately – I hope with this diagnosis you’ll be feeling better soon!!

    Does Gwen have a hemangioma on her shoulder? Alison has one on her chest – its starting to “die off” according to her ped. I love Gwen’s sneer, hehe 🙂

    1. Yeah she does. Sym had two when she was little, a small one on her shoulder and a larger one on her lower back.

      1. How funny that both of your girls have/had one in the same place. I hear its pretty uncommon for hemangiomas to be anywhere but on the face/head but its nice to know they will go away.

  2. Your office spaces look so inviting, that’s not what I normally think of when I think of office space! Gwen does look like a little toughie, a very photogenic girl gang member though. Hope your meds make even more improvements for you. X

  3. So sorry re the new symptoms but will they lessen as you get used to the medication? I’m glad you are feeling better re the Graves’ Disease itself, though.

    Gwen looks fabulous!


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