Gwen on the Go

This baby is going places. She no longer scootches around without reason, now she sets her sights on a goal and goes for it, and more often than not, achieves it! Here she was considering chasing the cat but then decided she’d come to me (as did Georgie).
She’s fast, too. Turn your back on her for a second and she’s under your desk, or halfway down the hall, or headed for the front door. Fast, so fast her little knees are all scuffed up and rug burned.

It’s interesting to me the different orders in which different babies develop new skills. On Friday one of my old clients brought her daughter, who is a couple weeks older than Gwen, over for a play date (ie babies grabbing each other’s feet and faces). Her daughter had much better hand-eye coordination than Gwen. She could manipulate toys better than Gwen can, and hold her own bottle to drink from, something Gwen can’t/won’t do at all. But once her mom sat her down on the floor, she stayed sitting in that one spot. When I sit Gwen down, she’ll stay there for a while before rolling into her belly-crawl position and taking off for points unknown. She’s got places to be, this baby.


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  1. My babby would not hold his bottle for the LONGEST TIME. Like, he was 11 months old and still refusing to hold his own bottle. I love how Georgie is all, “MAWM, LOOK, I CAN DO IT BETTER THAN THE BABY, LOOK AT ME! I’M FASTER!”

  2. You can buy baby knee pads for crawling. lol. I saw them at baby’s world the other day.

    P.S. Gwen is just too cute !!!

    1. I might have to look into those, I’ve been putting her in pants this week to save her knees but it’s so hot! (and she has a lot of cute shorts/rompers that I want to put her in, haha.)

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