Recent Additions

Some things I’ve added to the shop in the past few weeks (the pictures are links).

A drippy “Can U Not” banner. I cut the letters out weeks ago, but didn’t get around to putting it together until this past weekend. I’m really happy with how the black outline looks on this one, I’m actually thinking of adding one to the “Whatever Forever” banner!

Some trios of colour-coordinating mini shape banners- red/pink and purple hearts, and green/turquoise stars.

Getting back to my paper bunting-making roots with this one! A set of mini bunting, cupcake flags and confetti in pink and white rose/dot paper. I bought a lot of patterned origami paper last week so I predict I’ll be making lots of these in the coming weeks- I’ve already made a set with pink and yellow rose/dot paper that I haven’t photographed yet.

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