Guilty Pleasures

Except not really because I have no guilt, shame or embarrassment about my love for dramatic teenagers. My three favourite shows right now:

Vampire Diaries
I don’t care how dumb it is now, I still love it.

Teen Wolf
I don’t know why I started watching this show, but boy am I ever glad I did because it is LITERALLY the most dramatic show on television and that’s not even an exaggeration. I defy you to watch the scenery-chewing Michael Hogan bellowing and not agree with me.
While I was marathoning the first season Taylor was horrified that I would watch something so dumb, but then a snake came out of someone’s eyeball and he was hooked.

Pretty Little Liars
This one I watch with Sym. We both like yelling at Aria, appreciating crazy Mona and hating on all the boyfriends. Her favourite is Hanna, but for me it’s all about Spencer “This is My Most Collegiate Blazer!” Hastings.

The thing about watching all these high school shows is sometimes my brain confuses them. It certainly doesn’t help that they share some actors- Torrey DeVitto is on Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars, Susan Walters has been on Vampire Diries and Teen Wolf, and Bianca Lawson has been on all three. I’ve definitely had a moment a few weeks ago where I thought to myself “A is the darach!”

Do you watch any of these shows? Do you love them? Come discuss them with me!

6 Replies to “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Vampire Diaries. Oh yes. Damon. Damon. Damon.

    Haven’t watched the other two. I think I might like Pretty Little Liars. Netflix?

    1. I think so, the first couple seasons of PLL at least. We have American Netflix so I can’t exactly remember what’s on the Canadian one.

  2. I feel shame/joy after watching all the CW shows. To be clear, I mean that I watch all the CW shows and feel shame/joy after each episode of each show. I also get sucked into ABC family shows which have such little content that they’re basically plotless; they’re just vapid nostalgic reminders of shows like Who’s the Boss. Teen Wolf (and Awkward) being on Much Music makes them just that much more hilariously dramatic and trashy and GREAT.

    We could be watching “Intervention” or “Honey-Boo-Boo” or “Facial Surgery Gone Wrong”, or “Oops!, I Married my Transgendered Absentee Parent”, or all sorts of other shows, so it’s not that bad.

    We’re just keeping our fingers on the pulse of all things youth culture!

  3. I just devoured Pretty Little Liars in like, two weeks. I started it as a ‘Ha-ha, this is stupid’ show to watch while was sewing and embroidering and it turned into me not wanting to embroider because I needed to see what was happening!

    Also, Caleb, or Tyler Blackburn is a dream boat.

    1. lol this is the exact reason I started watching it, to have something on while I worked on etsy orders. Same with Teen Wolf, actually.

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