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On the weekend Taylor and I tried the new flavour’s of Lay’s potato chips- this is the Canadian version of the contest. Here the finalist flavours are Grilled Cheese & Ketchup, Creamy Garlic Caesar, Perogy Platter and Maple Moose.

O Canada #truenorth #strongandfree

Grilled Cheese & Ketchup
Tanie: I can smell the cheese and ketchup.
Taylor:The ketchup is overpowering.
Tanie: It’s kind of… spicy?
Taylor: This has a weird aftertaste, and it lingers. I don’t think they know what grilled cheese tastes like.

Creamy Garlic Caesar
Taylor: It doesn’t have much of a smell.
Tanie: It’s mild. It does kind of smell like croutons.
Taylor: It’s like someone faxed you the smell of caesar salad.
Tanie: Whoa! This tastes way more than it smells. That’s pretty garlicky.
Taylor: I’ve got garlic, and then parmesan cheese and the aftertaste has the sharpness of a dark-leafed lettuce.
Tanie: This tastes the most like the thing it is supposed to be.
Taylor: It’s very full-bodied.

Perogy Platter
(for some reason there is no record of our opinions on the smell, maybe because it was so boring)
Taylor: Not really perogy-ish until the end, a perogy aftertatse.
Tanie: Mostly onion with a perogy finish.

Maple Moose
Taylor: That smells weird.
Tanie: Oh, I can smell it from here. It smells like used fireworks. It doesn’t taste mapley at all. It’s like… smokey at first and then sweet at the end.
Taylor: It kind of tastes like wasabi.
Tanie: It’s like someone lit a maple tree on fire.

Taylor and I both picked Creamy Garlic Caesar as the Best and Grilled Cheese & Ketchup as the Worst. Maple Moose got an Honourable Mention for being so weird, and Perogy Platter was named Most Meh.

Get excited to read my & @blame_simian's reviews of these whackadoo flavours next week.

The next day Sym did a blind taste-test.

1. It smells kind of ketchup-y? The taste is so-so, in the middle. (This was Grilled Cheese & Ketchup)

2. This one smells maple-y, it tastes better than it smells. (Maple Moose, although she was the only person who got a maple smell from this chip)

3. It smells like a salad, or salad dressing. [she gave a thumbs up here] Good! (Creamy Garlic Caesar, like Taylor and myself she liked this one the best)

4. Ketchup-y smell. [I ask her how it tastes] NOPE. (Perogy Platter, this was her pick for worst)

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