Paper Chase

Gwen is super in to old receipts right now.

Sooooooo I guess I’m not working anymore? The family decided to change childcare providers and idk, it’s a little sad (I really liked the kids) but mostly I just feel relieved. I REALLY didn’t want to be back at work yet (ya think?) and I was so depressed about it that I cried every night. I think a lot of moms have feelings of sadness and guilt about going back to work after having a baby, and even though I work from home it was still a huge change. With Sym it wasn’t an issue because I didn’t start working again until she was three, so I didn’t know what to expect and honestly, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Maybe it would have worked out if I had started work in September like I’d planned, maybe I would have been more emotionally prepared. Who knows. u live u learn, igss.

Tall enough to pull stuff out of my recycling bin, uh oh

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  1. Maybe concentrate on your etsy shop? Also, perhaps start charging for things like the shoe and lampshade patterns? You keep inventing these brilliant things and sooner or later one or more of them will be a big money spinner. Mind you, I know what this stuff is like—mostly, you make about a nickel an hour.

    1. I WISH I could just do my etsy, I just don’t make enough money from it though. Plus in order to keep this apartment I need to be running a daycare :/ So if you know someone with a spare three bedroom house in Vancouver they want to rent for about $1000/month let me know, haha.

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