It’s official: we’ve entered the time of mysterious baby bruises.
See that? That bruise on her cheek? How did she get that? WHO KNOWS. With crawling came scuffed-up knees, and now with standing comes falling and bonking her head/face/entire being. Yesterday she fell over and hit her head so many times I lost count! The last was the most spectacular- we were getting Georgie all riled up to entertain Gwen, and I guess I was a little riled up myself because I threw a (soft-sided, lightweight) laundry hamper at the dog, expecting her to jump forward out of the way, but she unexpectedly jumped laterally, knocking Gwen over. Sooooo I guess that ones on me. Oops.

Earlier in the summer when Gwen was chafing and rug-burning her knees scooting around the house, I had more than one person suggest I buy her baby kneepads, but like… where does that end? Does she graduate from kneepads for crawling to a helmet for standing up? Maybe I should just put her in a giant hamster ball and let her roll around in safety. Maybe we should raise her in a bubble.
She’s realized out that if she is standing up and just lets go of whatever piece of furniture she’s holding onto, she’ll fall down and it’ll hurt. Instead she lowers herself back down to the floor (or if she can’t figure out how to, yells until we come and rescue her). Each time she falls she learns more about how NOT to fall, and I learn more about letting her make her own mistakes. And also about maybe not throwing hampers at the dog.

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