This time it’s pretty much all about food. I’m trying (again) to do a better job of actually planning/cooking meals. I really hate it but tonight Sym came home from her dad’s and asked me to defrost some of last weekend’s potato soup for her dinner. I glowing endorsement if I’ve ever heard one. I should start taking pictures of other things though!

On Friday we made pizzas. Taylor had salami and bacon, I had spinach & goat cheese, Sym had plain cheese and Gwen had spinach with no cheese. She’s getting better at eating on her own but definitely has a tendency to cram too much food in her mouth at once.

Saturday morning oatmeal with cinnamon, yellow sugar and honey crisp apples. Gwen had hers with no sugar or milk.

Saturday afternoon perfect fried egg bagel sandwich, everyone else can stop making fried egg bagel sandwiches because I have perfected the art. Gwen was super interested in Sym and I eating and kept trying to sneak a peek but she’s too short.

Some other things I did this weekend…

I cleaned the HECK out of the house! There were a bunch of areas that were just like… awash with clutter and junk. I cleared it all out and packed things away and I even dusted. I KNOW IT’S MIRACULOUS. The house seems a lot bigger now.

EOS 5D Mark II-0357.jpg
Gwen cut her third tooth. It was a really difficult couple of weeks and I wish she’d get a teething break but her fourth tooth is already getting close to popping. Poor baby.

Whenever she manages to sneak past the baby gate into the hallway she likes to crawl into her room and rescue Elke from the confines of the crib.

I brushed Georgie (I don’t do it often enough because she haaaaaates it) and this was my dog hair haul. She looked so beautiful and fluffy afterwards but I had to change all my clothes and vaccum the couch.

Recently on weekends I’ve been spending all my craft time making non-custom banners, and while this weekend was no excepting (although I did make a nice little stockpile of classic colourway “What Is The Point” mini banners) I also made something else: a cardboard box cabin for Gwen.
Saturday night project, cardboard box into baby's first fort.
tbh she’s not really into it but I had a lot of fun making it. I’m still in the process of decorating it but once it’s finished I’ll take some proper pictures.

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