Little Lamb

Poor little Gwen, she has a cold again (hey that rhymes!). We went for a long walk today to get some fresh air; I was going to stay home with her but it was so nice out, and how many more nice days of funemployment do I have left? NOT MANY.
Look at these two little lambs! We bought this Mini Sleep Sheep for our trip to San Francisco (a month ago already!) and now it’s the perfect stroller companion BECAUSE IT STRAPS ON. Last time we went out on a Wednesday I stupidly allowed her to have her favourite toy (a $1 mouse from Ikea) in the stroller and she lost it! I retraced our steps for like ten blocks but couldn’t find it, but thankfully my internet friend Valerie went to Ikea and bought three replacement mice for us that arrived today.

Also! The wackest thing happened on our walk: a crow flew into the back of my head! I know crows will come at you if you get too close to their nests or if you attack them (they’ll remember your face and come at you forever) but I wasn’t doing any of those things! I was just walking along the Seawall and BANG! something clobbered me. I was like WTF because I assumed it was a human but when a looked around there was no one near me, just a rude-ass bird. Definitely the weirdest thing that happened to me today.

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