Lazy Links

Reunited and it tastes so good. Mouse c/o @vallygshow
Reunited with her precious mouse, or rather, its replacement.

Some Halloween crafts: monsters, a haunted house and a little ghost town!

Decorating with star maps, such a great idea.

The end of horse_ebooks. I always thought it was a person, I just never needed to know which person.

Could a burrito bowl party be the new taco night?

Scream-crying over these fat little stuffies. I already have a stash of birthday & Christmas gifts for Gwen but maybe one more wouldn’t hurt?

idk how these don’t have more views, they are so cute!

What Gwen wore, I wanted to share the supremely cute outfit she’s wearing today as well, but she is being SUPREMELY DIFFICULT and rather than sit still for a photograph she’d rather crawl head-first into everything and hurt herself.

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