Baby Led Eating

A little update on how we’re doing with giving Gwen solids…
Curly noodles, curly hair #tinybuttonsblogWith this handy pocket bib she can save carrots and meatballs to throw at me later.
She loves food. L O V E S it. She loves eating, and she loves cramming everything into her mouth. All of it. At once. We cut her food into little pieces and give her just one of two at a time, because otherwise she crams her cheeks like a hamster and ends up choke-barfing it all out.
Looks like she's been eating human flesh.They updated my favourite app so of course I have to mess around with it #RealBokeh
I also make baby food for her. I recently read somewhere recently where someone said that making baby food is too much work and baby-led weaning is no extra work, other than the clean up, and like… cleaning up a baby and all the things they’ve thrown food on is a lot of work! And I have a bunch of dogs that will eat anything thrown on the floor. For me making baby food is nbd, like yesterday morning I peeled, cored and chopped two apples and then boiled them down with a little water until they turned into applesauce on their own. Seriously, I barely had to mash them. I guess if I was making quantities at once it’d be a bigger hassle, but I usually only make enough for two or three meals at a time.
She's saying "GIVE ME MORE BANANA BREAD" #brunchbaby @Glowbal_Group

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  1. I always wonder about this: how do you know she’s eating enough? Do you count calories for her? (That sounds weird but you know what I mean)

    1. Babies this age still get all the calories/nutrition they need from breastmilk and/or formula, solid food is more just for funsies & learning.

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