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… and also some pics and random thoughts because I’m in a mood this week.

Spider city
The world is full of spiders right now, it’s intense. My apartment is also full of spiders (CURSE YOU, BASEMENT LIVING).

This is a terrifying nightmare.

Love this shop!

I’m a chicken so I don’t like watching horror movies but I DO like reading about them so I’ve been enjoying Rhiannon’s 31 Horror Movies in 31 Days series.

My latest creation.

Some great, easy Halloween costume ideas from Radical Possibility.

What Gwen wore (last week and I thought the pictures weren’t good enough so I didn’t share them but then she didn’t wear any good outfits this week so here you go).

Classic move, Claire #boxedcatsofinstagram
Classic cat move. Claire has been the biggest pest in the world recently. CONSTANTLY MEOWING. The other morning I was reading some blogs before Gwen woke up, the dogs were in their crate and no one else was home. I kept hearing this weird scratching noise coming from the kitchen and I was like “PERFECT. WE HAVE MICE.” but when I went to investigate I found Claire playing with one of Gwen’s stacking cups, batting it around the room with her silly paw. Even when they are cats they are still kittens, I guess.
Nice shoes mum
New shoes for meeeee. I had some major hassles getting these. I originally ordered them from a local shoe store where they were on sale, but then I got an email saying “whoops they’re out of stock” and a refund to my Paypal. But by then I was obsessed and had to have them so I found a pair on ebay that ended up costing me way more. OH WELL. I’ve yet to actually wear them because a) it’s been raining and they are canvas, b) I’ve barely left the house all week, and c) I bought them in a size 10 because they aren’t made in a 9.5 and I’m worried they look like clown shoes. Why don’t more companies make shoes in a 9.5? It’s very frustrating. I JUST WANT TO PUT SHOES ON MY FEET, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???
Pomegranate season
I was trying to explain Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey to Sym on our way to the store and when we got there I found this pomegranate that looks like Station’s excellently huge Martian butt. COINCIDENCE???
Working hard or hardly working?
I pulled out this Apple IIc for Gwen to do her word processing on. She really enjoys mashing keyboards. I should find some power cables for it or something, that’d be great.

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Earlier this week I was walking the dogs and ran into another pom owner in the park, who was talking to a guy I don’t know who had a large, rather fat dog. The owner of this dog told us that she had actually lost 25 lbs since January, and he attributed this to his receiving a new heart because now he can take her out for more exercise. He called it a win-win situation. I loved that; his dog gets out more often, and as a bonus he gets to be alive more.

Speaking of dogs, does anyone know the best way to make patches? Like for jackets? I had a cool idea for something last night and idk if it would be best to try and print them myself or learn how to silk screen or take up embroidery. I know you can print right onto fabric if your printer uses a certain type of ink, but how do I find out what kind of ink my printer uses? Ugh making stuff when you have no knowledge is hard.

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