Is This the End?

lol that title is really overdramatic but MAYBE NOT.
On Sunday night I found out the store where I’ve been getting most of the glitter sheets I use to make banners isn’t going to be carrying them anymore. Unless I can find a new supplier these colours will soon be out of stock FOREVER:
• bronze (7.5 5 sheets left)
• lilac (4.5 sheets left)
• indigo (10 sheets left)
• mint (7.5 sheets left)
• cerulean (3.5 sheets left)
• lemon (3.5 sheets left)
• orange sherbet (6 sheets left)
• peacock (5 sheets left)
• turquoise (6.5 sheets left)
… and also lime (7 sheets left), which is a secret colour I’ve just never bothered photographing until now, when it’s suuuuuuper useful. So like… PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW.

I’m not really sure right now what the future of my etsy is going to be. I can still get some colours at Michael’s, and I actually placed a couple experimental orders on AliExpress (a 150 sheet experiment, oops, but first I looked on Alibaba and I’d have to buy a 40-foot shipping containers worth there so like… 150 sheets seems reasonable) just to see what the colours are like from the sellers in China (and I’ll know in only 22-41 days!), if they are more like the Michael’s colours (mostly metallics) or more like the dollar store colours (mostly iridescents). Even if that works out though, I’ll probably have to change the way my shop works. From what I’ve found so far I can only buy multicoloured -packs with 1 sheet each of 10 different colours so if I keep doing so many custom orders I’ll sell out of everything except for sapphire and emerald (I HAVE SO MUCH SAPPHIRE AND EMERALD WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE THESE COLOURS).

Hopefully it’ll all work out. I love running the shop, I love making custom banners for people and I love when people choose one of my creations. And I’m not gonna lie, I also love the extra income, which has been a phenomenal help during this past year of funemployment. So if it DOESN’T work out and I end up having to stop making banners I want to say THANK YOU to all my customers. I love you girls so much, you keep me young.

5 Replies to “Is This the End?”

  1. NO WAY.

    I would be willing to search my local craft stores for you if it came down to it! Crafty folks sticking together and all that jazz.

    1. Thank you, that’s so sweet! For now I’m going to hope that AliExpress can provide what I need, I mean I assume the stores buy it in bulk from China so WHY NOT ME.

  2. That’s it. I’m going to start an Operation: Find Tanie All the Glitter Sheet Colours (I even spelled it the Canadian way!!). Also, you could probably just start making custom glitter baby shoes.

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