Lint & Grey


Yesterday I decided to finally paint the bathroom so I could put up my giant nail polish shelf. I already had half a gallon of light grey paint left over from the office, as well as rollers (more on that later) and tape so it was like a free makeover! Of course, like all my spur-of-the-moment decisions it turned into kind of a disaster, or in this case, a SERIES of disasters.

Disaster #1: The baseboard at the um. base. of that wall had some serious water damage. I’ve been trying to get the property manager to take care of it for literally years but in a shocking twist they haven’t done anything. Sooooooo I kind of ripped it off the wall. Oops? Well I mean about half of it disintegrated in my hand so I only ripped the other half of it off, and guess what? The bathroom smells 90% better already.

Disaster #2: I was only painting the top half of the wall so I figured rather than wasting a full-sized paint roller and having the muck about with the tray I’d just use mini rollers. Unfortunately using mini rollers TAKES FOREVER, even on half a wall, plus the mini rollers I had were terrible dollar store sponge ones that tore apart after one use.

Disaster #3: Since I’d run out of terrible dollar store rollers after only two coats of paint I had to run out and get more, buuuuuuuuut by then it was after 7pm the only place open nearby that sells paint rollers is… the dollar store. I decided to switch it up and instead of getting more of the sponge-type rollers that fall apart I’d get a mini-version of an ACTUAL roller. Because that would work better! Such a good idea!
Oh, except the part where it was FULL OF LINT AND JUNK. Perfect. I can now safely say this is the absolute WORST paint job I’ve ever done, hands down.

Thankfully the linty part of the wall is right where I’m planning on hanging the nail polish shelf so it shouldn’t be completely obvious? And maybe when I paint the bottom half of the wall (once I fix all the damage from ripping off the rotten baseboard, whoopsies) I’ll sand the lint off and repaint. Yeah. THAT’LL HAPPEN.

All of these disasters were immediately followed by Disaster #4: I was all sweaty from painting but had to have a cold shower since the fan is broken (another problem the property manager is keen to do nothing about) and I didn’t want to fog up the freshly painted bathroom. Not fun! But at least it’s (sort of?) done now.

note: the actual paint colour is Benjamin Moore Iced Cube Silver, which from the looks of Google Image Search seems to be pretty popular for bathrooms.

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