Bits & Pieces from the Weekend

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On Friday Taylor & I watched The To-Do List

idk if it’s a good movie. It’s certainly a GROSS movie; Taylor was very traumatized by one scene in particular. I spent a goodly portion of it screaming my head off because nineties.

One super amazing thing that happened this weekend: Gwen walked! She’s being walking around holding our hands or the couch, or while pushing a chair ahead of her for a long time, and a couple times she’s taken a single step on her own before “taking a knee” (as we call it), and dropping into crawling position. On Saturday though, she took three whole steps, all by herself!

Gwen is also in the process of eliminating her morning nap, and the change from being a baby who naps twice a day to a baby who naps once a day hasn’t been easy. The past couple days have had her falling asleep on the living room floor, falling asleep while eating, and falling asleep in her stroller… but then having a temper tantrum when I put her in her crib because she’s overtired! Personally if it was up to me I’d never give up the morning nap, but babies have their own opinions about these things.

On Sunday Taylor and I took Gwen for a walk. When it’s not raining I always feel like I should be getting outside, getting fresh air, blah blah blah but it’s freezing cold so it’s kind of a hassle with the baby. She needs to be dressed up super warmly but if you go anywhere indoors she instantly overheats. Last week I had to bring her with me to the hair salon and I swear it took longer to get her all dressed in her sweater and coat and hat and gloves than it did to get my hair cut.
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very bundled!
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I couldn’t figure out why Lost Lagoon seemed so different and then I realized: all the geese have flown south! It’s all just ducks now (and swans, seagulls and cormorants, plus pigeons).
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EOS M-0649.jpg

Also: a quick reminder that if you are thinking of ordering any banners for Christmas or New Year’s Eve you have until Sunday, December 1st to place your order to guarantee* delivery before the holiday.
Happy Holidays, ya jerks!

*not an actual guarantee, I don’t control the mail

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  1. The purple hair looks SO good on you. I just re-dyed my hair a darker purple so, twinsies?

    I love the little babes hat, and her smile makes my ovaries hurt.

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