Baby’s First Band-Aid

This is like a milestone, right?
Gwen has a very frustrating habit of constantly crawling under my desk, getting tangled up in the legs? spokes? of my chair and bonking her head on everything. She does this multiple times a day and the last time as I was trying to extract her she somehow got her foot caught in one of the chair’s castors, which I’ve done before (on a different chair) and it SUCKS. Under that band-aid is a gross (but not deep) cut and probably the beginnings of a spectacular bruise. Poor baby, first teething, and now this?

Manicure Monday

Nicole by OPI in Virtuous Violet + Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Set the Stage

These were my Halloween nails to go with my Lumpy Space Queen costume. I also painted my toenails but posting pics of pedicures is like a bat signal for perverts. I used Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Big Money, which is a gold glitter with a little lilac glitter mixed in.

Bits & Pieces

Street Spirit. #LaterPhantom
this pic is from Taylor’s instagram a few weeks ago

I turned my outdoor Christmas lights on because WHY NOT (yes, I’m one of those people who leaves them up year-round). I’ve started seeing Christmas stuff in stores, but more than that I’ve seen/heard people COMPLAINING about Christmas stuff being out in stores (pls note the people I’ve seen complaining are people who celebrate Christmas themselves, I’m in no way judging people who don’t celebrate it and are tired of having it crammed down their throats).

Party hat test run is going very very well #tinybuttonsblog
On Saturday I spent three hours walking around in the rain picking up supplies for various birthday party decorations for Sym & Gwen’s family parties this week. Yes, parties, we are doing cake & presents on each of their birthdays even though they are only 3 days apart. It’s Gwen’s first birthday/Sym’s first birthday as a no-longer-only child so I felt it was important to keep them separate this year, but going forward I think we’ll do one family party.

Taylor and I watched The Way Way Back and the new Aziz Ansari special, Buried Alive. The movie was pretty good but Buried Alive was HILARIOUS. It’s on Netflix so you should all watch it.

Gwen started going into the cardboard playhouse I made her. She actually played in it for a while, but as soon as she saw me approaching with my camera she darted out so I have no evidence.

Taylor traded in 90% of his video game collection for store credit, and we’re all very proud of him.

I took Gwen to a restaurant that doesn’t have highchairs and she sat nicely in the booth eating cereal and fruit for 45 minutes before she became too unruly and I had to trap her back in her stroller.

Babies who lunch
Because we were out all afternoon Gwen’s nap was pretty late, but it was good because it got her properly on track with the time change. She started getting pretty punchy towards the end but we were able to put her to bed at her regular bedtime of 8pm, even though to her tiny baby body it FELT like 9. Also I’m sorry to all you parents of babies and toddlers who woke you up at 4 or 5am today, for Gwen falling back meant waking up at 8:15.

Happurple Halloween II: Reviolet’s Revenge

Apologies to everyone who got candy at my house, it had a baby in it.

Taylor had a meeting at work before he could come home and go to bed and his coworkers guessed he was dressed as a skid, banger, metal head, grunge band, roady, lumberjack, Deaner from FUBAR, Homeless Harry Potter and Sexy Duck Dynasty.
He was not wearing a costume.

Sym was… a person at a masquerade ball? There wasn’t really a name for her costume, she was inspired by the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Train episode. Her grandma made the dress (really skirt & top) out of purple satin and black lace, and she had a store-bought mask and cape.

No one at all got our costumes, everyone was like “Ooh, the purple family!” but like… that’s not a thing. I kind of feel like people here are terrible at guessing costumes.
Taylor was a very good sport for dressing up with us.

Sym went trick-or-treating with her friend from school and Taylor and I handed out candy. We ran out by 7pm, which pretty much happens every year! I always feel stingy giving out just one piece to each kid so I usually give out two, but next year I really have to be more pragmatic!