Happurple Halloween II: Reviolet’s Revenge

Apologies to everyone who got candy at my house, it had a baby in it.

Taylor had a meeting at work before he could come home and go to bed and his coworkers guessed he was dressed as a skid, banger, metal head, grunge band, roady, lumberjack, Deaner from FUBAR, Homeless Harry Potter and Sexy Duck Dynasty.
He was not wearing a costume.

Sym was… a person at a masquerade ball? There wasn’t really a name for her costume, she was inspired by the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Train episode. Her grandma made the dress (really skirt & top) out of purple satin and black lace, and she had a store-bought mask and cape.

No one at all got our costumes, everyone was like “Ooh, the purple family!” but like… that’s not a thing. I kind of feel like people here are terrible at guessing costumes.
Taylor was a very good sport for dressing up with us.

Sym went trick-or-treating with her friend from school and Taylor and I handed out candy. We ran out by 7pm, which pretty much happens every year! I always feel stingy giving out just one piece to each kid so I usually give out two, but next year I really have to be more pragmatic!

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  1. I always tell myself to give out 1 good one and 1 cheap piece (lol), but end up giving out handfuls and we run out way too early. This year I bought 420 pieces!! and we still ran out.

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