Bits & Pieces from the Weekend

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It's the most wine-derful time of the year #wine
All I want for Christmas is Yule #wat #idiot
Friday night we decorated the tree, with the traditional donuts & sparkling wine. Sym was in a very bad mood so it was actually a very trying evening. She said nothing was bothering her, but then she fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 so I think the problem was that she was really tired.

H&M had these horrible pumpkin masks in the clearance section so OBVIOUSLY I had to get one
Snack break and then it's once more into the holiday shopping breach, ugh.
Saturday was my day to go do all my last minute shopping done. I had to go all over the city (ie three different locations) and it was kind of a nightmare because it was cold and I’d bought a ton of stuff I had to lug around everywhere, but it was also a wonderful time because I love buying presents! I was also looking for something for my Goody Goody Gift Swap partner, and I think I was able to find the perfect thing!
Since we didn't end up going out, dinner and an AMAZING movie
Taylor bought this, it was … less gross than I was expecting? horribly sweet though
Saturday night Taylor and I had arranged for Sym’s dad to babysit so we could go to his office holiday party, but Gwen had different ideas. She was feeling under the weather* all day so we ended up cancelling to stay home with her. After she went to bed we had special, not-on-poutine-night poutine (normally we only have it on Thursdays) and watch Fast & Furious 6 (RIP Paul Walker).
it’s been unreasonably cold here so on Saturday I bought Gwen a puffy coat from Old Navy and a stroller wrap, and now she’s snug as a bug when we go out
Christmas Christmas time is here
And the award for best wrapping paper of 2013 goes to...
I’m literally obsessed with this wrapping paper
Sunday was Taylor’s day to do his last minute shopping, although I also ran a couple errands with Gwen. I spent most of the afternoon wrapping presents, and I’m happy to have gotten it all done early (minus two gifts that haven’t arrived yet). I feel very organized, it’s a good sign that maybe this year I won’t end up cancelling Christmas dinner because I’m too disorganized to cook.
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*this is code for “had diarrhea”

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