A Timeline of Fading

I’m pretty much ready for my hair to not be purple anymore, I’m also not willing to bleach it again or cut it at this time, so I’ve been very very patiently fading it out. It’s taking much longer than I expected, especially seeing as how I wash my hair all the time, but it’s finally become a pastel lilac rather than a deep bluish purple.

November 5th
November 24th
EOS M-0651.jpg
December 21st
EOS 5D Mark II-0915.jpg

As you can see it faded most dramatically in the first month and since then it’s been fading much more slowly. It’s also become less blue- the first pic was taken indoors which might account for the colour difference since the other two were in natural light, but the pictures we took on Halloween (see below for why I haven’t included one of these) were taken outside and my hair was positively indigo.

I’ve come to the conclusion that purple is a TERRIBLE colour on me as my skin has quite a yellow undertone. Since purple is yellow’s complimentary colour this hair makes me look SALLOW AS FUCK. It’s not as bad now that it’s a pastel but when it was darker? I looked like a bag of trash. This was most evident on Halloween (NOT PICTURED SINCE I LOOK GROSS) when my hair was really dark and I was too lazy to put on makeup for photos, something I have NOT been too lazy to do since. When we were getting ready to go up the mountain on Saturday Sym was like “why are you putting on makeup?????” and I was like “HAVE YOU SEEN TAYLOR’S CAMERA????”

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