Woke Up Sick

Some of us are cranky. Some of us are sick. Some of us are teething. Some of us *cough*Georgie*cough* ate and then barfed up something weird and gross. I think everyone has a bit of the post-Christmas blues and there’s nothing we can do about it.

Christmas was really great this year. I didn’t take any real pictures because I thought that I’d just enjoy the holiday, but I do have some instagrams to share.

1. Gwen & Dougal starting trouble under the Christmas tree
2. the first of many (MANY) Christmas drinks, a gin & tonic with Meyer lemon. I also had some greyhounds (gin and grpaefruit juice) on Chriatmas Eve and called them Santa’s Little Helpers, which works on so many levels. SO MANY (two).
3. another Christmas drink, hot chocolate with chocolate sea salted caramel liquer
4. a friend at the Transylvanian bakery
5. this baby is growing several teeth and is miserable
6. sisters (in Christmas pajamas from the Gap; Sym’s here, Gwen’s tragically sold out), I’m so very happy about this picture
7. husband (in Christmas pajamas from L.L. Bean)
8. super important Christmas Eve selfie
9. Sym’s dad took the train out to his mom’s house so Dougal stayed with us for the holiday (no big goofy dogs are allowed on the train)

1. I braided Georgie’s tail (while wearing Christmas pajamas from Victoria’s Secret, also tragically sold out although other patterns are still available)
2. inexplicable subtitles on this Netflix Yule log
3. my gift from Symphony, a Tom & Donna “Treat Yo Self” drawing (with Batman-suited Ben Wyatt)
4. Sym and Taylor trying to keep Gwen happy and entertained while I made breakfast on Christmas morning
5. baby eats: mandarin oranges, bacon and silver dollar pancakes. The rest of us had the same, only with larger pancakes and juice (or mimosas, depending on our age) in lieu of orange segments
6. my Christmas angel (AMAZING dress from H&M, gold shoes made by me)
7. Kichou in his gift, a new sweater. Dougal got a ball with weird spines and Georgie a leather steer that she happily chewed all day long
8. Taylor in one of his gifts from me, a new flannel from TopMan
9. the aftermath of Christmas dinner. I made roast beef & yorkshire puddings, roasted broccoli, honey-glazed carrots, mashed potatoes and Taylor made poutine sauce for the gravy. I think this is only the third time I’ve made Christmas dinner and each year it is more successful- this year everything was done cooking at the same time (except for the broccoli, which I made a little early)

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