January 3rd


blackberries & blood oranges for baby’s breakfast // up high // blue skies // last year’s wild roses // bargain-priced panettone that is going to be reborn as french toast // after her nap Gwen makes bold fashion choices// new leggings from auntie // snack time

A couple of months ago Taylor had the brilliant idea of trading in all his old videos games to Future Shop for store credit, and then applying that credit to his Xbox One pre-order. It was a great idea and he ended up with many hundreds of dollars in credit. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to apply the credit to the preorder, so he decided to cancel it, but then he couldn’t do that either? idk, the whole thing was online and even though I was like TWEET AT THEM YOU WILL GET IMMEDIATE RESULTS he elected to email them, and they didn’t reply until the preorder had become an order order. He was going to return the Xbox One and possibly rebuy it in the future with the credit but I was like OH JUST KEEP IT IT’S FINE. Anyway this week he decided to use the credit to buy a new tv, I mean with the credit plus the sales it was PRACTICALLY free.

Of course like everything in our lives it turned into a comedy of errors. He went to pick it up yesterday and OF COURSE it was the only rainy day this week. The sales associate was busy so OF COURSE he had to wait forever, and once he got it home OF COURSE we had to wait until I finished work to install it. We took down the old tv (and moved it into the bedroom, so basically I’M NEVER GETTING OUT OF BED AGAIN) and went to install the wall mount brackets on the new tv and OF COURSE the bolts are the wrong length and OF COURSE none of the other bolts in my massive collection of random bolts are the right length and OF COURSE we didn’t discover this until after the local hardware store closed for the day. OF COURSE OF COURSE OF COURSE. Taylor ended up having to take the train to Home Depot just to buy four bolts at 35 cents each (plus ten cents each for four washers). HOW FRIGGING IDIOTIC.

Eventually we got everything done and this afternoon Taylor set up the bedroom tv properly so we can use it to watch stuff. It’s currently on a stand on my dresser beside the bed (annoying) but we plan on mounting it on the wall opposite the foot of the bed, which will be better. Now I have a big rearranging/cleaning bug so this weekend I am forcing Taylor into tackling his desk with me, which IN SPITE of pretty much years of constant pestering on my part is still surrounded by a giant rat king of cables and wires. WHAT. IS. IT. WITH. DUDES. AND. CABLES. AND. WIRES. EVERYWHERE. It’s like they’ve never heard of cable management, geez.

Also on the agenda for the weekend: taken down the Christmas decorations. IT’S TIME.

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