January 6th


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The other morning Taylor and I took the baby and dogs for a walk. A red winged blackbird flew across the path and I was like “oh look, a red winged blackbird!” This turned into a discussion about what birds we could name, which turned into talking about hummingbirds.

At my parents house where I grew up we had a hummingbird feeder that hung outside the living room window in the front yard. My parents’ property is actually sort of hilly, like there’s the road and then what we called the bottom garden and then a slope up to the front yard, and it was great for the hummingbirds because the males do these crazy dives for their mating displays. The lady birds would all be hanging out on the feeder and the males would fly high up above and then dive straight down, but instead of having to pull up when they reached the front yard they could dive straight down to the garden, and when they flew back up by the time they passed by the feeder they’d be going super fast already. This made them look pretty badass and impressed the heck out of the lady birds.

The other thing about the hummingbird feeder is it was a great way to see science in action. You see, the living room had floor to ceiling windows, and as everyone knows birds often get confused by reflections in windows and fly into them. This would happen with hummingbirds all the time when I was a kid. They’d fly into the window at top speed and SNAP, break their little necks. My sisters and I would find them and bury their little floppy-headed corpses in old jewelry boxes. HOWEVER by the time I was in high school this didn’t happen anymore. Sure, hummingbirds would still smack into the windows, but instead of falling dead with a broken neck, they’d just hover there for a second, shake it off, and fly away. I think what happened is all the weak-necked hummingbirds were killed off, leaving only the birds with sturdier necks to breed with other sturdy-necked hummingbirds, eventually creating a race of SUPER-necked hummingbirds. Evolution, you guys.


Taylor is back at work and Sym is back at school so I guess the holidays are officially over now. Welcome to the January blahs, everyone! Over the weekend I finally got around to taking down (most of) the decorations; it seems to be taking almost as long as putting them up. I do feel like I’ve cracked the code on how to make holiday undecorating not as depressing: just leave everything up until it starts to look like shit and you are sick to death of it all. I have everything done except for taking down the actual tree and some globe lights I put up in the dining room. Those aren’t STRICTLY a Christmas decoration though, so they might have to stay.

I also thought of a couple more goals (~resolutions~) for this year that I’d like to work on (in addition to putting my laundry away and growing out my hair, way to dream big): stop eating potato chips during the week (BABY STEPS) and actually be consistent with wearing sunscreen so I don’t end up with a weird, uneven tan before it’s even summer. Especially on my feet! I always end up with some weird flip-flops/Vans hybrid tan on my feet and it makes them look grubby and gross (grubbier and grosser? I mean I AM wearing flipflops in the city). Not this year though. This year is gonna be different.

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