January 24th

Blogging is hard when everyone is sick. What would I even post? A comparison of throat lozenges (my husband pronouces it loSenges and it drives me crazy)? Pictures of the overflowing tissue trashcan, like we have a dedicated trashcan JUST for used tissues and it’s ALWAYS full? That’s so disgusting! Everything here is gross right now, but here’s a few random tidbits.

Hanging with my favorite tween watching PLL.
Father daughter dance

sleepytime // now that there is a tv in my room we can lounge on the bed to watch Pretty Little Liars and it’s GLORIOUS // daddy-daughter dance // baby eats: orange-ginger salmon, honey glazed carrots, and mashed potatoes // I’m in the middle of my semi-annual Moomin marathon // stickers stickers stickers // ol’ blue eyes // she’s the tallest

Gwen is super into getting dressed these days. Like I don’t mean she’s happy when I put clothes on her (unless the clothes in question are zip-up footie pajamas, but that just because she’s obsessed with zippers and being zipped into things, she just really likes the zipping), but when she finds something that is clothes, or clothes-like, she tries to put it on herself. She puts shirts on her head and wraps them around her shoulders, she sits on the floor laying leggings on her legs and shoes on her feet as if that will magically make them be on her body. She has a special hooded bath towel from Ikea and that she actually can put on herself, usually backwards, and when she has it on she parades around the house proudly, dressed in what appears to be ceremonial robes.


One of the effects of my cool (ie NOT COOL AT ALL) disease is that my nails are a pathetic mess. Like they were never GREAT but now they are so weak and brittle they are practically non-existent. Vapourous. I can’t grow them to the tips of my fingers, let alone PAST the tips, without them breaking and splitting and cracking and peeling. I’m basically over it so I made an appointment to get acrylics put on this weekend for the first time in my life. I’m an embarrassing combination of nervous and excited about it? Someone tell me it’ll be okay.

The other week I decided enough was enough with my faded hair. Like, the purple had faded SO MUCH that my ends were starting to look like idk… toothpaste? Like weird minty green-blue, especially in the front. I took the leftover purple dye and mixed it with an entire giant bottle of Pantene conditioner to make a lighter purple to retouch it with. It’s still pretty dark; I probably shouldn’t have put all the dye in but OH WELL u live u learn igss. My plan is to keep retouching it and letting it fade, and add more and more conditioner to the dye until it’s pastel enough that it doesn’t stain my hands. Maybe by then my hair will be long enough that I can cut all the dyed ends off anyway? And then my pastel purple condyetioner (patent pending) will just be to keep my white hair from looking yellowed.


A project I’ve been working on that has finally come to fruition is making stickers to sell in my shop. For some reason I had the HARDEST time finding printable glossy sticker paper that was water resistant/the ink wouldn’t run, like maybe that is just a thing that doesn’t exist in Canada? Like freezer paper, like how am I supposed to make stencils without freezer paper?????? Anyway I was finally able to find what I needed online for a decent price with reasonable shipping, so I put together a few sticker sets. The first one is based on these black & white mini-stickers I’ve been including in my banner orders as like a little gift with a coupon code attached, I did a larger, full-colour version with some new designs. The second set is based on my old self-portrait, how terrible is it to make stickers with my OWN FACE on them? I had a little bit of an issue getting the sizing right on these and had to reprint so now I have like… 48 stickers with my face. Terrible! I also did printed versions of my glitter stickers, and I have plans for several additional sets. You can find them all here.

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  1. It’ll be wonderful. The nails I mean. JUST like your Mommy……….

    Seriously, Kid, GET AN ELECTRIC ORANGE SQUEEZER. I have not had a bad cold or flu (virtually no trace of such, even when everybody around me is sick as a dog) for more than 15 years. Not even Montezuma’s Revenge when I have been to a Mexican greasy spoon with other folks who all get sick. I completely attribute this to fresh-squoze OJ every morning. There is definitely something about the drinking it the instant it is squoze. Really. I bet scientists will discover why this works, someday. I really don’t care why, though. It just does.

    And my fave pic this time is the Moomintroll one.

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