April 24th

Wow what a terrible blogger I am! In my defence, I PLANNED on posting days ago but I got Taylor to take a bunch of pictures for me and he hasn’t uploaded them yet. IT’S BEEN A WEEK, WTH MAN.

Over the long weekend I…

Took the baby to the beach, which she HATED almost as much as the playground we took her too the other weekend. BABIES, idek.
Had a totally chill Easter- the girls got baskets with a little candy, new outfits and stuffed lambs. I made nutella stuffed french toast with berries, bacon, and fried potatoes for brunch. I also drank most of a bottle of champagne’s worth of mimosas, oops.
Went to Ikea on Monday, which was a sort of holiday and therefore a TOTAL NIGHTMARE omg. We even got there super early and it was still insane, especially in the kids’ section of the showroom. TOTAL CHAOS. We managed to get everything we needed and even though we went a little off list we also came in under budget. The entertainment stand we chose turned out to be $100 less than the price on the website, and I decided that instead of buying a new lil drawer unit for Sym’s new desk/vanity I’d just give her mine (even with childlocks it’s not safe from a certain Ms Baby Face so my new plan is to make space in one of the closets for all my craft stuff) so that saved us an additional $70.

Of course, I’m an idiot so after we got home I helped Sym pack up a bunch of her toys and moved some furniture & boxes in her room to get ready to make the new desk when everything was delivered on Tuesday. I managed to hurt by back and my wrist, which sucked, I had to wear a wrist brace all day Tuesday which was a huge pain because I need to wash my hands about fifty times a day.
Waaah I hurt myself :(
By Wednesday I was feeling better so I decided that during nap time I’d start building the new entertainment stand. I was like “it’ll be so easy, it’s just like four pieces!” AHAHHAHAHAHA no. It was literally the worst Ikea building experience I’ve ever had, and I have built A LOT of Ikea. In the end I was screwing pieces together as quickly as possible because I could hear Gwen starting to wake up and there were still bits of metal strewn everywhere!

Anyway it is pretty much done and ready for Taylor to move everything onto it (which he refuses to do until the weekend, ugh Taylor whyyyyyyyyy). Sym’s desk is also built and ready to me to set up her computer and mirror and everything. Next I’m going to start building the dressers, which is going to be the tedious worst.
OH AND since I’ve been feeling so sick and crummy recently (seriously, I can BARELY function most days) I’ve been able to make a serious commitment to marathoning Keeping Up With the Kardashians/Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami and watched six seasons in a week. NOT TOO SHABBY, SUCH AN ACCOMPLISHMENT, WHERE’S MY PRIZE, etc etc. Anyway there are no more episodes on Netflix so now I’m at a loss for what to waste my time on.
Sleepy time #pomeranian #thisistoocute

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