May 9th

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I hate confrontation. Haaaaaaate it. When I get into facebook or twitter arguments (actually have I ever been in a twitter fight? I don’t think so. My twitter is public; my facebook is locked, maybe that’s why, haha) I get super stressed out and dread logging back in. Usually I end up just blocking people who anger me, block everyone, that’s my motto. If I disagree with a blog post I usually just quit reading rather than comment with a dissenting opinion because my actual opinion is “What is the point? They aren’t going to change their mind, and they’ll probably edit the post so I look like a lunatic” (re: the pregnancy arms debacle).

I think part of the reason I hate confrontation is that I’m not great at express thoughts with word forms (ha ha). In person during a confrontation I get so frustrated and angry that I start crying, which doesn’t help my cause. On the internet I find myself coming across as inarticulate and foolish and I usually just end up capslock yelling a sarcastic joke about the topic, like the time I posted the George W. Bush “Mission Accomplished!” picture with a link to an article about how the anti-vax movement was found to be the cause of the infant whooping cough deaths in California last year. I was like “GOOD JOB, ANTI-VAXXERS, YOU DID IT, YOU KILLED THOSE BABIES.” Truly, one of my finer moments.

I even get anxious about confrontational things when I don’t really think anyone who is invested in it will even see it. Yesterday I pent my entire break (ie naptime) drafting a blog post about my thoughts on the blatant & disgusting commercialization attempts by some online retailers in the #redballoonsforryan hashtag (for the record, I’m against using the tragic death of a child to drive traffic and sales BUT HEY THAT’S JUST ME) and literally one second after I hit publish I panicked and deleted it, just in case someone who I was calling out somehow managed to find this nobody blog and yell at me.

I have some theories why & because of who (whom?) I’m like this but I don’t want to get into it in case those people yell at me too, haha. But IRONICALLY I wrote this while simultaneously arguing on facebook about something idiotic and I haven’t blocked anyone yet so maybe the tide is turning?
In related-to-online-fights news, yesterday I FINALLY received the balance of my refund from notorious etsy grifters Indie Nook. If you recall they refunded me for the one item they never sent and promised to refund the rest once I sent back the incorrect items I had received. I did, and it had been a couple of weeks so two days ago I sent them an email saying “You can go ahead and refund me the $51 for the rest of my cancelled order now, as you’ve received the items I returned. Order #128418099, good grief.” In a shocking twist that will surprise no one, they were completely disorganized and stupid about it! First they said they DID refund me. I pointed out that they had refunded me only $23 and still owned me $51. In response I got this weird mess:

“We refunded you for $73.10 and $23.00 was that not for your total. I cannot see your order anymore because it was cancelled.”

WHAT. WHAT. WHAT DOES ANY OF THAT EVEN MEAN???????? We refunded you for $73.10 and $23.00 was that not for your total????? THIS MAKES NO SENSE, except their product listings also have garbled language, misused words and other errors so I guess it does. And for the record you CAN see your cancelled transactions on etsy- if you are the seller they are on your sold orders page, under the (plot twist!) “Cancelled” tab. Cancelled orders aren’t searchable though, and they probably have a ton since they seem to cancel orders at the drop of a hat (if you look at their reviews, any that aren’t accompanied by a product photo have been cancelled). Anyway, I responded to this nonsense message with my secret weapon: SCREENCAPS. Screencaps of their refund offer, screencaps of the partial refund I received on the 16th of April, screencaps of my original order and screencaps of my original payment. Unsurprisingly I received no response until last night when the $51 appeared in my paypal with no message.

I’m still blocked from their instagram (I wonder how many dissatisfied customers are) but it seems they’ve moved off of etsy to their own site, which means no more bad etsy reviews & even less accountability. Hopefully they’ve taken my SUPER AMAZING advice to heart and will no longer be wasting people’s time with shirts that never ship, but most of their items still say they take up to 4 weeks (or 4-6 weeks) to ship so probably not. I just hope that maybe by sharing the story of how I dealt with them I might be able to help other people who’ve been scammed by these ripoff artists who care more about being popular with cool bloggers than with providing adequate customer service.

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  1. I’m with ya, I prefer to keep my internet judging to myself. Nobody comes out looking awesome in a comment war, haha. At the risk of voiding what I just said, totally agree with you on the red balloons thing. It’s getting downright tacky.

    1. no, it is tacky, people are jumping on this sadness bandwagon to promote their shop and show off what a good person they are, and it’s gross and embarrassing.

      1. Right? If I had to sum up what is always wrong with these people who latch onto these type of things, it’s the “look at me!!!!” nature of it. I mean what kind of monster would you be anyway to not find a child’s unfortunate death sad? You are not some amazing human being for feeling sad about it! Using an already inappropriate hashtag situation to promote your business? Thanks for letting me know who I don’t want to buy from! Ugh. Obviously I have feelings about this.

        So hey, very glad to see a post disagreeing with the trend instead of like, offering a red balloon banner that donates ten cents to the parents, aren’t I so awesome?? sale. I wish you had posted what you wrote, but like I said totally get not wanting a bunch of negative internet attention.

  2. Since I subscribe via email, I got your post in my inbox. I was really sad you deleted it and talked about it at work with my bosses. It was a good post, Tanie. You brought up really good points, which kind of go hand in hand with the people arguing over who started the #bringhomeourgirls hashtag. People? Are doing it wrong.

    You, and your heart, are doing it right.

    1. Thank you, Jenna, that means a lot. And at least ONE person got to read it before I chickened out and deleted the whole thing, haha.

  3. Your problem here is in not realising how very very smart you are, compared with the newtbrains who have the temerity to argue with you. What do they know anyway? Come the revolution, we shall exterminate them all.

    Nil illegitimum carborundum.

  4. I wish if found this blog before today! I placed an order with Idiot Nook (sorry, Indie Nook) at the end of July for two tanks and a red balloon tee.
    I had the same trouble as you regarding not being able to choose which colour you need from a drop box, thus I had to email them after I’d placed the order to ask if I could have it in black. They replied probably a week later.
    In the meantime, I’d ordered other USA products and received them within 7-10 days, so when this happened, I emailed indie nook again to ask for an update about shipping. It was then I researched the wait time and noticed it was 4-6 weeks! (I wish I’d seen that prior to ordering, because I wouldn’t have ordered a thing.
    It’s now verging on 7 weeks and my toddler has had a size jump, so therefore the sizes I originally ordered will not fit when/if I ever receive my order. I’m headed overseas and am now worried the order would arrive while we are away, thus being returned to sender.
    When I emailed back to explain about our trip, I was met with an email going ON and ON about an email hacking scandal, the screen printer, and a flood…. (Whateverrrr)
    I too, have used emails, and now I’m starting to post on Instagram (I wonder when they’ll block me too?) and still no reply.
    I understand that some businesses go through circumstances beyond their control, however, my requests (two of) to refund me have been ignored, so to is some kind of solution to follow up on my order.
    They’re nothing more than a disorganized, dysfunctional, rude, obnoxious pair of women who have NO idea what customer service means.
    Sorry to hear about your dramas with them, and I’m so happy for you that you received a full refund.
    Wish me luck for mine….

    1. Oh no! I hope you are able to get your refund and WOW is it ever embarrassing that six months after I placed my order they are STILL screwing things up for other people! Ridiiiiiiculous. My advice is to just keep at them and file a claim with paypal/your credit card company because that is LITERALLY the only way I was ever able to get all my money back. And save/screencap EVERYTHING because they have no idea what they are doing and will try to tell you they did/said one thing when you know it was another.

  5. I’m going through a very similar experience. I wish I had read this before ordering. I will be writing my own thing at some point here and posting it EVERYWHERE! It is my new goal that NOONE ever buys from them again! I have been blocked from their Facebook… I’m sure Instagram is soon to follow. Luckily I have lots of friends and family willing to post on my behalf to them. Idiots! I also have screen caps of everything including them telling me to send an email to an address that they later said I had mistyped the address so they hadn’t received it… Umm… I copy and pasted the address and have a screen cap of them posting that address!!

    1. They are the worrrrrrst, and did you see the article where they admit that even though they are still selling the “Red Balloons for Ryan” tees they are keeping all the money from them now? TACKYYYYYY.

  6. I so wish I had seen this previous to my order! I am currently attempting to get an order placed in February that had a 3 week turnaround. It’s already past my daughters birthday. I am currently playing the IG DM and email game. After waiting over a week for a return email. I was told to email someone else in the company so things wouldn’t get confused
    Never again!

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