June 23rd

A few weeks ago Sym’s dad told me that in the evenings when he rides his bike around the Stanley Park Seawall it is just swarmed with otters. SWARMED. There are a few places where there are stairs up from the rocks to the top of the wall and the otters scamper up to bash clams open and also rummage through the trash cans for snacks. They are like water raccoons! Unfortunately for me I never get down the the Seawall in the evenings- after I finish work it’s like MAKE DINNER FEED BABY WASH BABY PUT BABY TO BED COLLAPSE ON COUCH PROBABLY FALL ASLEEP WATCHING TV. No way I’d have the energy to scour the Seawall for otters!

I hadn’t been on a proper Seawall walk since last summer, before I got sick. I was determined to get back in the habit, so today I broke out the double stroller and headed down to the water. I made Sym come with me in lieu of her other morning activities. Originally we were only going to do a short walk from English Bay to Second Beach and let the babies play at the playground before heading home. However when we got to Second Beach the babies were sound asleep, I was still feeling great and having such a nice conversation with Sym I didn’t want to stop yet.

We ended up going all the way to Lumbermen’s Arch, and it was between the Lion’s Gate Bridge and the Arch that we saw three otters in the water. I pointed and yelled OTTERS OTTERS OTTERS like a demented fool, I think Sym was a little embarrassed. We kept pace with them as we walked along the Seawall and eventually I decided to stop and try to get some pictures. At this point they very thoughtfully and obligingly clambered up on the rocks and came over to pose for pictures. So kind & thoughtful! Sym was trying to scheme a way to bring one home but I don’t think they would have gone for it.

The bridge from below.

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    1. I LOVE THEM OMG, I always feel like they are a good omen for some reason? So clearly this is gonna be the Best Summer Ever.

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