June 29th

Walking the line.
Weird little curbside garden plot with obelisks.
What’s in my bag: wallet, phone, keys on Cutpath sun & moon keyring, scones. I’ve been using my Sad Ghost Club tote bag as my main purse because it is the best.
30 minutes later it was blazingly hot & sunny.
Beware of skunks.

This weekend has been really weird, weather-wise. On both Saturday and Sunday it alternated between cool breezes, torrential downpours, steaming-hot sun, and freezing clouds. It kind of made it hard to do much, other than take the baby for little rambles around the neighborhood. I did manage to acquire (for free!) some bricks to make a stepping-stone path in my garden. I haven’t started laying them out yet though, as the only times I would have been able to do any garden work (when Gwen was napping/playing with Taylor) were also when it was the coldest and rainiest.

Also! The new hose we ordered finally came (a long, stupid story about how UPS apparently doesn’t care to deliver our packages or even leave delivery attempt slips anymore) and it was a bust. As in, it was busted! The fittings were plastic and the ring that screws onto the tap was cracked, so when I turned the water on a tiny trickle it all sprayed out of the side of the ring! Ugh so annoying. Anyway the same person who gave me the bricks tipped me off to a way to get a new hose for free (ask the property manager, WOW WHAT A CONCEPT) so hopefully SOON I’ll be able to stop watering my plants with a frigging juice jug, haha.

In non-garden news… Since the weather was so mercurial the only thing I’ve done so far this weekend is start making Gwen a new pair of shoes. I’m working on a new pattern for some simple little ballet flat-style shoes, but I’m having trouble working out how to do the elastic. Tragically, I think this pattern might be a bust, which is disappointing as I had high hopes for it. It may still be salvageable; you never know.

Now I have two more days of weekend left that I’m hoping to make the most of!

4 Replies to “June 29th”

  1. Your hose saga has got to be the most epic hose-related awfulness ever experienced by a member of humanity. I don’t know why but it cracks me up every time you describe watering with a juice jug. I imagine your face is basically >:( as water glugs out onto your plants after your tenth trip to fill it up, haha.

    I can appreciate the angst though, I had my own terrible hose experience last year and basically forced my husband to do something about it through whining, and now I have two hoses and don’t have to drag a wet gross hose around from the front to the back and vice versa.

    1. lol it’s so dumb, like all this drama over a frigging hose???? And the fact that it’s happening because someone STOLE the hose??? TWICE?????? WHO STEALS A HOSE like wtf are you doing with it????????

      1. Yeah like, hoses are not that expensive. People used to steal planters and stuff off my dad’s porch, people are jerks! I would feel super guilty if I stole someone’s hose, like every time I looked at it it’d be like the Tell-tale Heart until I slowly went insane. Meanwhile the hose burglar (seems like that should be an innuendo) is probably feeling all smug like aw yeah, free hose.

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