July 3rd

I realized I hadn't taken a picture of Claire in a month and I wanted to get one because I think she's gonna be leaving us soon.
Before I get to the cute bb pics I just wanted to post a little Claire update. If you follow my twitter or instagram or are in the same general discussion forum as me, you may have noticed my TOTAL FUCKING MELTDOWN yesterday about my cat. I seriously thought she was dying, you guys. Like, if you’d seen that cat yesterday you would have been like “dang, that kitty is at death’s door FOR REAL.” Here’s why I thought my cat was dying:

• old as hell
• diabetes
• basically stopped eating over the weekend and lost SO MUCH WEIGHT
• weird yowling?
• seizure-like activity
• wedging her face under furniture in a super strange way
• when I wrapped her in a towel & put her in a basket she stayed there for EIGHT HOURS
• you couldn’t even tell she was breathing, like at all
• cold
• no purring
• peed on the towel I had her wrapped in

Like these are NOT my cat’s normal behaviours and I was SO SAD. I cried a lot and kept checking on her and petting her and saying “it’s ok, it’s ok, you’re such a good kitty.” At one point I thought to myself “How will I tell Georgie that her friend is dead?” and I burst into tears thinking about how sad my dog would be lol good grief. ANYWAY at like 5 o’clock she came out of my room and was like “o hey guess what I’m fine now.” She ate and started purring and was just super chill and today you wouldn’t even know she was basically a cadaver all day yesterday. WHAT THE HELL, CAT. So to everyone who said sweet things to me, THANK YOU and also I’M SORRY MY FUCKING CAT JUST PRANKED US ALL.

swimsuit & hat
I made another cardboard cabin on the long weekend, gearing up to have a whole cardboard village soon.

We had a totally chill Canada Day. Sym was out of town for the whole weekend so it was just me, Taylor and Gwen, and Taylor had to work that night so for the afternoon it was just me & Gwen. In the morning I set up a lil wading pool for her in the backyard and she wore her first bathing suit ever. She didn’t have one last year because I assumed she would fit into Sym’s first summer swimsuit but NOPE, this baby is too gigantic. The suit I bought her this year is for a 2-year old and tbh I don’t think it’ll fit her for the whole summer (she is only 20 months old btw).

In other Gwen news, she is just like out of control with her sneakiness. I’ve had to take two drawers out of my desk and put them in other rooms where she can’t get them because she will not stay out of them, and this is after I already took the knobs off the drawers! Taylor inexplicably taught her how to climb up on our desk chairs and now you can’t keep her off them, which makes it so much easier for her to get at all the stuff on our desks. Every time I try to get any work done, like etsy orders or housework or anything, she’s up on the dining room table. When we are outside her favourite activity is to act like she’s going to fling herself down the concrete stairs.
She had a couple pretty spectacular tumbles over the last week. On Friday she fell off the back of the slide onto her face. On Saturday she was walking Georgie, who decided to suddenly take off at a run, pulling Gwen down on the gravel path in the park. On Sunday she literally just walked off the bench in the dining room into the air? What? Why would you even do that??? I just don’t even know what is going on in her baby brain.

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  1. Claire is IRL trolling(but I’m glad she’s ok!)….just wait till her and Gwen team up to start jumping off tables together 😉

  2. So glad Claire is doing better. We had a similar incident with Goliath last week and he is back to normal again too. Then this week Pixie came up with an eye infection. I have a feeling that we are a significant contributor to our vet’s retirement plan!!!

  3. I have the same breakdowns about my cat, and she’s just turning one. But whenever we give her medicine and she’s super sleepy and not eating, I freak out and cry about when she will die. I’m crazy but completely OK with it! So glad yours is feeling better 🙂

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