July 28th

She found an old bus transfer and this is the face she made.

On Saturday Taylor, Gwen and I were planning on going out for lunch but it didn’t work out that way. We made it about 20 feet down the alley when Gwen fell and skinned her knee. She’s pretty much the queen of skinned knees and usually it’s nbd, but this one was bad enough that it required a band-aid. You know how little kids love band-aids and will stick them everywhere? Not the case with Gwen. You seriously would have thought she was being lit on fire based on the screams I got when trying to put a band-aid on her knee. She had been wearing shorts but we had to change her into pants because every time she saw the band-aid on her knee she started howl-moaning like a cat getting a bath. She was so upset she certainly couldn’t go out for lunch; she couldn’t even eat her lunch at home. All we could do was give her milk and put her down for a nap and hope for the best.

I tried to take a nice picture of the two of them but Gwen had other ideas.

Some better things from this weekend…

I finished the gold baby ballet flats I started working on the previous weekend. I have rules (that I made for myself) about what projects I work on during the week (banners) vs weekends (not banners) so I had to wait to get these done and it was very irritating.

SPEAKING OF BANNERS, I made this banner last week and I’m pretty thrilled with it. The iridescent pearl banners are some of my faves and the pearl green is surprisingly beautiful (I wanted to get better pics but a certain baby had other ideas).

SPEAKING OF SHOES my kickstarter is now at almost $700! I took a three-day break from promoting it but FAIR WARNING I’m going to start posting it on social media again this week.

We have a new property manager/executive director for my neighborhood and unlike the previous ones, they AREN’T obsessed with letting all the plants run wild. Over the past few weeks some people have been taking the intensely overgrown trees and bushes to task and on Saturday my upstairs neighbor finally cut back the way-to-big flowering quince bush in the backyard and OH MY GOD it’s like the yard is twice as big now! Next up is the horrible hawthorn tree.

SPEAKING OF GARDENING I was also inspired to do some work in my garden and cut back 2 1/2 overgrown bushes in my garden (I got tired before I could finish the third). I also finally got a hose! By which I mean I stole it from across the yard, haha oops. IN MY DEFENSE the hose in question wasn’t actually used in the yard, it just ran from the tap to a soaker hose outside the back fence, where there are a bunch of horrible prickle bushes, prickle trees and a seething mass of morning glories smothering everything. The soaker hose is a nightmare anyway and any time it gets turned on it causes a sinkhole to form in the backyard so I figure it’s in everyone’s best interest for it to never be used again. There is this dude down the block who planted a bunch of the prickle trees and put the soaker hose in place (I was like DUDE, go plant prickle trees outside your own house!) and he used to put it on all the time and every time he did I’d turn it off and two of the prickle trees died OOPS but not really. tbh I want to cut the third (and final) one down. Maybe I will. Anyway now I just need to get a new sprayer and I’ll be able to water my garden properly again.

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