August 1st


In the summertime they have these outdoor movie nights around the city in various parks. I always want to go but it just never works out. Historically this has been due to Taylor’s work schedule: the shows are usually on weekdays so he’d have to leave before the movie ended (leading to one SUPER FUN night when I had to walk home carrying all our stuff by myself in the middle of the night through a forested part of Stanley Park and then up a giant hill). Nowadays it’s a combination of Gwen’s early bedtime and Taylor’s work schedule preventing us from going out during the week.

Because of this Taylor had the brilliant idea that we should have our own outdoor movie night, in the backyard. Originally we planned on renting a projector & screen but I remembered that one of our neighbors has a projector we could borrow. I found a cheap(ish) used screen online and Taylor picked it up on his way home from work. Last night we had a test run to figure out the logistics: what time it’ll be dark enough to start playing, where the screen should be set up in our sloping backyard, which media device to use, how to hook up the speakers. It involved a lot of wedging various Ikea fragments under things to level them out or raise them up, but in the end we got it sorted. Now tonight we’re going to have our first (of hopefully many!) backyard movie night!

Originally I wanted to show Wet Hot American Summer, buuuuut there’s a lot of little kids in my neighborhood that maybe their parents don’t want watching/hearing that? So Taylor picked Much Ado About Nothing for our first movie. It’s perfect because the Shakespearean language will just confuse and bore any children who might be about, haha.

PS This movie is on Netflix and I heartily recommend it. HEARTILY.

Quick update on my goals… since Taylor has now also quit drinking soda it’s been SO MUCH EASIER for me! I think I slipped maybe once all month? Awesome. I also have a new goal for August: use my shop earnings to pay off one of my credit cards! Lofty I know, but if sales are as steady as they were in July I can definitely do it.

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