August 8th

Hello, bumble friend!
There is a mysterious dog in this picture.

First things first… my kickstarter is now fully funded! Thank you so much to all my backers & everyone who shared/promoted the campaign, you guys are the ones who made this happen. The funding period doesn’t end until August 21st and there are still lots of rewards left so if you’ve been thinking of contributing there’s still time! I’m brainstorming stretch goals at the moment, I mean I think mostly I will just spend any extra money on more colours of leather, but I’d also really like to get a custom leather stamp made of the logo. And maybe actually register it as a real business? WHO KNOWS. It’s all very exciting.

Today Gwen is 21 months old. It seems crazy, the time has blown past so quickly, and she’s so tall and long-haired, she looks older than her age. Right now her favourite activities are:
-climbing into the high chair but also sometimes doing a bad job of this and falling from the highchair onto the floor, which is always fun
-refusing to allow me to help her put on clothes
-taking fifty stuffed toys to bed
-sitting in strollers, seriously she wants to be in a stroller and if you do not let her sit in a stroller then WOE BETIDE
Today we went for a walk with the big yellow double stroller and as soon as we got back and I took her out she climbed right back in. I was like “It’s nice and sunny and not too hot, why don’t we play outside?” and she was like *sits in stroller*. So I took the big yellow double stroller away because I am mean and when I came back from putting it away at the bottom of the stairs I found she’d climbed into my neighbor’s daycare baby’s stroller instead.

It’s also now less than three months until Sym’s 13th birthday, and like… how can I have a teenager already? It makes zero sense, wasn’t she just a tiny child herself?

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