August 15th

Taylor backs the weirdest things on Kickstarter (this is a Game Frame btw).

It seems weird that August is half over already, and seeing as how I’m on vacation for the next two weeks it’ll be September before I know it. I’m not one of those bloggers who waxes poetical about fall, it seemed to be particular egregious this year with people talking about how they couldn’t wait for fall in early July, and in one instance, on the first day of summer. Like… really? Why are you wishing your life away, just enjoy the now, geez. The worst is when grown women get all nostalgic about back-to-school and buying notebooks and new pencils and… Just stop. You’re an adult, if you want new pencils you can buy them any time you want. Hell, buy stock in Dixon Ticonderoga! Or don’t, I mean idk how they’re doing, please don’t take investment advice from this blog. Now that I think about it though, I do need new pencils. All of mine are little nubs.

I don’t even know if have to think about back to school for Sym any time soon, since the strike that started in June is still happening. I’m really lucky that I don’t have to worry about what to do with her if school doesn’t start in September like it’s supposed to! Although I guess I wouldn’t have that problem even if I did work outside of the home since she’s a high school* student now and can effectively fend for herself.

Even though the new school year is still up in the air, Sym’s grandma is taking her clothes shopping next week, so I’m making her go through her old clothes, getting rid of the too-small stuff and figuring out what new things she needs. She can be pretty reluctant to let go of her favourites; a couple months ago I found shirts in her laundry from when she was eight years old! She managed to be more ruthless this time and I didn’t have to fight her over anything, which was good. I also put a bunch of her too-small stuff aside to save for Gwen, which seems ridiculous since it won’t fit her until 2025 (yikes).

I’ve been slowly buying myself some fall stuff as well: two sweatshirts, a henley and MOST IMPORTANTLY, some high-waisted black skinny jeans. What else do I even need, really? I discovered my own personal jeans Holy Grail years ago, the Always Skinny from the Gap. I buy myself a new pair in a medium-blue wash every few years and when I saw they had a new high-waisted black version (that seems to be sold out now, here in Canada at least) I was ALL ABOUT IT (once I got myself a 40% off coupon). I get a lot of wear out of jeans, they have a very extended lifecycle with me: new jeans, jeans with holes, jeans with patched holes, jeans with too many holes to patch, and finally, cutoffs.

Yesterday I finally did something I’ve kind of been putting off, which was to make an appointment with the doctor to talk about Gwen’s apparent speech delay. I haven’t really discussed it much, but Gwen doesn’t talk. She says “mum-mum” for mommy and “MAH!!!” for mine (when she wants something) but those are her only words**. I tend to vacillate between being super worried about it and totally relaxed and chill about it. After I made the appointment I was so upset I almost cried, and then after I did more internet research I was totally fine (usually not how it goes with internet research, haha).

I mean, I know she can hear us, I know she understands us, and I know she’s learning new things every day. I also know it’s common for toddlers to have a speech delay and that most are completely caught up by the time they are two and a half. However, when I see her little friends in the same age group expanding their vocabularies and speaking lots of words and even sentences I can’t help but get a little anxious.

I am still struggling with her incessant climbing. She’s figured out that even if I have the dining room chairs secured, she can push the highchairs over to the bench and climb into them that way. She even straps herself in so it’d be very safe if it wasn’t for the climbing part! I’ve taken to shutting both highchairs in the half-bath when they aren’t in use, which is a little annoying but necessary. At mealtime I pull her chair out and put it next to the bench so she can climb up & strap herself in under supervision before I push her over to the table. It works well and keeps everyone safe and happy but JEEZ this kid makes things challenging at times! Would that she’d put a little of her climbing energy into talking…

*her high school is grades 8-12, still seems weird to be starting high school when you are only 12
**she also shakes her head “no” at us constantly, especially when I try and get her to speak

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  1. Both my nephew and Dee’s youngest are taking their sweet time about the whole talking thing. But, goodness, they understand.

    High school, wtf.

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