October 17th

I meant to post earlier in the week but I’ve just been busy busy busy, no time to blog… but apparently plenty of time to waste an entire afternoon tweaking my layout? I wanted something a bit darker for fall but still suuuuuuuper simple. Sometimes I think I should like, get a REAL layout that I pay someone money to make and it’s really professional looking and functional but then I remember I just blog for funsies so nah. You can see the new look below (or click through from whatever reader you use)
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 4.28.30 PM
idk if you know this but I’m IN LOVE with that pic of me holding Kichou in the woods, I made it my new profile pic on every one of my social media platforms.

Anyway, fall. I guess it arrived over the weekend we were away, because last week I distinctly remember complaining that I couldn’t wear my flannels and scarves and boots and cool new coat because I’d end up sweating my face off and this week… it’s cold. Cold and rainy and just really autumnal. The punchline is I still can’t wear my new coat because I’ve had to wear my rain jacket almost every day this week. My raincoat is not cool, it is however very functional and practical so it wins out most days.

Now that I’ve discussed my blog and the weather I guess it’s time to move onto the gross part of this week, which is all about dog butts. On Monday night Georgie had a bottom problem and needed a bath, and as I was washing the area I noticed she had what was obviously an abscessed anal gland. In case you don’t know, anal glands are the thing they don’t tell you about dogs because they are SO GROSS no one would ever have a dog if they knew. Anyway they are just these lil glands that secrete whatever it is that dogs like to smell on each other’s butts, and sometimes they can become blocked and infected and it’s just the worst.

I won’t gross you out too much with what happened during that bath but the next day I had to take her to the vet to get the abscess LANCED AND DRAINED which is about as lovely as it sounds, and pay $300 for the pleasure. Everyone keeps saying “wow that is highway robbery!” but I would definitely not cut open a swollen pus sac on a dog’s ass and wash all the pus out for $300 so I feel like it was a great bargain. Now Georgie has to wear a cone all week and I have to give her medication and wash her butt with special antiseptic dog butt wash twice a day. GREAT. Her meds need to be taken with food but the cone makes her so miserable she won’t eat with it on unless I literally hand feed her, like put kibbles into her mouth one at a time, which is tedious. The cone just makes her really needy in general, she is following me around and clambering into my lap much more that usual. Overall, it sucks for everyone involved and I think we’ll all be much happier when it’s over.


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    1. haha I think she’d hate that even more than just the cone! I actually took it off her on the weekend, she is usually pretty good at not fussing with her injuries so once the lancing incision had scabbed over (GrOSS, SORRY) I figured she’d be alright with no cone.

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