November 7th

This tree has a face :B

Windy Days

When I was in the second grade, each day a student got to choose a weather sticker to put up on the calender above the bulletin board. This was a Big Deal because the teacher had to lift us up in the air to do it. Actually for me just being at school was a Big Deal because I was homeschooled for kindergarten and first grade. Anyway. Every day some kid would look out the window and proclaim the day “sunny” or “cloudy” or “rainy.” No one ever, ever picked “windy,” so I swore to myself that when it was MY turned to get lifted up in the air to stick the weather sticker on the calendar, I was going to pick “windy” no matter what the actual weather was doing. idk why this was so important to me, but it was, and when my turn came I didn’t even look out the window.

One night my old boyfriend and I were walking home to our apartment on Robson Street. It was really late; he worked at a 24-hour coffee shop and I think I was unemployed at the time so I’d hang out drinking americanos and wait for his shift to end. We were down near the bottom of the hill on Barclay or Haro, there was no one else around and the air was perfectly still. Suddenly, we heard this great whooshing noise and turned to look back up the hill, and we could literally see the wind. Where we were standing nothing was moving but a few blocks up the trees were whipping around, leaves and bits of trash were barrelling down the street. We stood still and waited for it to hit us.

On Thursday morning I got myself and the little ones ready to go out in a monsoon. A freak thunderstorm had started just after 8 so it was boots, coats, rainpants, muddy buddies, the whole works. By the time we were all dressed and ready, the rain had stopped completely, leaving behind my favourite kind of fall day: windy but warm. I felt serene walking down the hill, leaves blowing around us and spent raindrops dripping off the branches overhead. On the way back up a hawk swooped right in front of me and snatched a pigeon out of midair, easily one of the coolest things I’ve seen in the city.

Birthday Week

Having babies eleven years and three days apart probably wasn’t the best plan on my part. Symphony’s birthday was Wednesday so her slumber party should be tonight, but Gwen’s birthday is tomorrow and the last thing we all need is a bunch of teens (weird to think they are no longer tweens) keeping us up all night. I gave Sym the option of having her party tomorrow night but she insists on having it on a Friday so it’s going to be next weekend instead. Tomorrow we have family coming over to celebrate both girls, which I guess IS pretty convenient; last year I did two separate cake-and-presents dos on their actual birthdays but it makes zero sense to do that every year, especially with people coming in from out of town.

Last year I also made a bunch of party decorations but this year I expended all my creative time & energy on making Gwen’s Halloween costume (having babies eleven years and three days apart right after Halloween was also not a great plan) so I’m just going to hang up their “Happy Birthday” glitter banner and bake a couple cakes… and then probably run out to the store tomorrow morning and buy a bunch of decorations, haha.

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