November 10th

On Saturday afternoon we had family over for a little birthday party for the girls. It was really nice to see everyone who came (and hear from the people who weren’t able to be there). Both Sym and Gwen received tons of wonderful gifts and idk if this is smug but I KILLED IT with gift-getting this year. For Gwen Taylor and I picked out a Mini Micro Scooter, which she understood right away. She hopped on and after a few minutes she had already figured out the scooting basics. We still need to get her a helmet so she can use it outside but for now there’s plenty of linoleum for her to scoot around on in here (and being in a basement apartment there’s no downstairs neighbours to bother with the noise). For Sym we got a pair of tickets to see her favourite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, and I swear she just about fainted when she realized what she was holding.

Birthday girls.
In keeping with my tradition, we took almost no pics of the party.
Taylor’s giant dad and my tiny mom (she’s actually average height).
The kitty cat princess and her noble steed.
First brunch as a two-year-old.

When Gwen was born Taylor treated himself to a fancy bottle of expensive scotch, which he only drinks on her birthday. I figured I should also treat myself this year so I picked up a bottle of champagne to have on Saturday night but the thing about champagne is once you open it you really need to drink the whole thing. So I did. By myself. The super weird thing is not only did I not really get drunk at all (just a little tipsy) I also didn’t have a hangover the next day? For a 37-year-old who really doesn’t drink much and was also too busy to eat for most of the day that has to be some sort of freak miracle.

In less exciting news, after the party we discovered the pipe under our kitchen sink is cracked and since I’d already done the dishes it had leaked everywhere. At first I just thought this one fastener was too loose (which it was) but after I tightened it and cleaned up all the water and also the crud on the pipe it was leaking worse- I guess the crud was the only thing keeping it all together? Since it was the weekend there wasn’t anything we could do about it so I just wrapped the cracked part in about fifty yards of tape, and today I stopped by the office to ask the handyman to take a look at it. He doesn’t have the parts on hand so he won’t be able to fix it until tomorrow or Wednesday, so here’s hoping my tape patch job holds a bit longer.

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  1. Gwen’s dress is SO cute! I was thinking about getting a scooter for Zac’s second birthday too, but I wasn’t sure if it would be too old for him. Seeing this inspires me to get one for him for Christmas šŸ™‚

    1. Gwen LOVES the scooter! We actually have to keep it in her closet where she can’t see it or she’s scooting all the time. I think it’s meant for ages 3+ but Gwen is really tall/physically well coordinated so she’s fine with it.

  2. Love the photos of Gwen and thank you so much for the party but I’ll have you know there is NOTHING “average” about MEEEE.

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