November 28th

Breaking in a new flannel and this cool Cry Now-Cry Later pin from Sara M. Lyons.
It’s been super windy here that past couple days and my nemesis, the birch tree out back, has blarfed a million leaves all over my stairs.

Today is the 8th anniversary of my first date with Taylor! It’s weird to think we’ve been together that long, this is actually my longest relationship ever and it’s pretty weird that I even still like him JK he’s the best.

Today is also exactly 18 months since I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease. The other day I was looking for something on my phone and found this list I’d made to take to the doctor so I wouldn’t get flustered (or more flustered since my heart rate was already through the roof).
Aw look at this cute list of symptoms I found on my phone from before I was diagnosed with Graves' #thyroidproblems
She sent me to the hospital, the ER doctor diagnosed me with thyroid disease and referred me to the head of their endocrinology department and ~the rest is history~

Now that I’ve been on meds and technically had my hormone levels under control (many people with thyroid disease will tell you that even though your levels are normal you still feel whack most of the time) the endo wants me to go off the meds and see if my thyroid is operating normally again or if it’s still out of control. I’m to stop taking them on Monday (December 1st) and get my blood tested after 6 weeks to see where it’s at, although if my thyroid is still hyperactive I think I’ll know. It could be a sweaty, sleepless, jittery, spaghetti-armed Christmas! (In case you can’t tell I’m actually pretty anxious about it.)

If my levels are still normal than cool, all I have to do is keep getting my blood tested every few months, but if they are still too high I’ll have to decide if I wanna keep taking medication, if I wanna have a thyroidectomy or if I’m gonna get the radioactive treatment. I was doing some research about the latter and I guess in Canada they only do it outpatient if your house meets certain isolation requirements and having a small child at home the answer is no, so I would be isolated in the hospital for like three days. WOW FUN. I wonder if being that radioactive would interfere with the internet? Because 3 days of isolation sounds boring as hell. Also you can’t get pregnant for A YEAR afterwards because I guess your baby will have mutant powers? NOT THAT I’M PLANNING ON GETTING PREGNANT (ok I do want to get pregnant but Taylor is being a real buzzkill about it, hmm maybe I don’t like him after all) (JK).

ANYWAY. Some stuff that’s going on around here…

Sym got braces on Wednesday. She let me take one picture of them but I had to swear not to post it anywhere so you’ll just have to use your imagination. That first night I was trying to help her figure out how to floss with the braces and it was quite the comedy of errors.

Gwen has become a total terror in the dining room. She started climbing up the stools at the kitchen island and they are swivelly and metal and very precarious for toddlers. She climbed right up on one and her foot got stuck in the seatback and when I lifted her out the whole stool crashed down on the floor and I was like NOPE NOPE NUH-UH so it’s sayonara for the stools. It’s not a big deal; the reason we got them was because we didn’t have a proper table in the dining room, only a little kid one, and since we got an actual dining room set the island has just been my crafting zone. Now that it can’t really be used for that… fuck it.
SPEAKING OF DINING ROOM SETS: Taylor and I have been wanting to get a bigger table for a while now. The one we have TECHNICALLY seats four, but it’s so small there’s no room for serving dishes and if we put Gwen’s highchair right at the table with no tray (which I prefer) she can grab everyone’s plates. She’s also invented this fun new game where she sits in one of the chairs and pushes the table away from it until she’s leaning forward so far that she can’t let go and sit back and so she falls on her face. WHAT A GREAT GAME, BABY, NOW I NEED A HEAVIER TABLE. Fortunately I surprised Taylor last weekend by spontaneously ordering the new set we’d picked out and it’s being delivered on Sunday! He was pretty pissed about it since he’d been planning on buying it for me for Christmas, haha.

I was planning on having a fun family Christmas tree decorating party tonight but I stupidly forgot that Sym’s dad and I switched our nights with Sym this weekend because of his office holiday party so OBVIOUSLY we can’t do it tonight. “Merry Christmas, Sym, we decorated the tree without you!” lol what a dick move that would be. Instead we are postponing it until next Friday, which is a little more reasonable I guess.

PS if anyone local is interested in the stools or dining room set let me know, I’m gonna be selling them cheap. The stools are pictured above with Gwen climbing one; I have three. The dining room set is this one from Ikea, painted red (minor chips in the paint).

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  1. Aw too bad I live like, 3000 miles from you. I’ve had my eye on that table and chairs set for my kitchen! My 2 year old is being so dang naughty lately. Nice to hear yours is also up to lots of mischief. I can’t even really hide anything from her because she’ll drag stools or chairs or whatever all over my stupid house upstairs and down to get into things.

    Also boo killjoy husbands! Mine is all think of the money, time, we’ll be outnumbered, etc and it’s just hitting a brick wall of baby fever on my part.

    1. pfft husbands think they are SO SMART! I mean, even if we did decide to have another baby we wouldn’t be able to even start trying for a really long time because of my stupid autoimmune disease so idk why he has to be so PRACTICAL.

      Seriously she’s such a sneaky little sneaker but I think it’s just because she wants to do all the things I do, like she sees me sitting up on the stools at the island working on stuff so she wants to sit up there too. It also doesn’t help that she’s super tall for her age either, she’s the size of a three-year-old, seriously.

      1. Gwen is definitely really tall! She’s a month apart from my 75th percentile for height 2 year old and looks way taller to me.

        Mine just wants to get into stuff I don’t want her to have. Yesterday she dumped glitter all over the living room and dropped a Christmas ornament into the fish tank. Oh and piled all the books she could reach on top of my four year old. At midnight. At least she’s cute!

        I know! I’d probably be more chill about it if he were the gung ho one, I’m obstinate like that lol

        1. OH GOD NOT THE GLITTER. Even though I made lots of glittery things I don’t actually use much loose glitter, but the loose glitter I do have is in a drawer inside a closet which is kept locked. I’M TAKING NO CHANCES.

  2. hey, i know you didn’t ask for any advice, but i thought i might be able to say a few things that may ease your mind about the radioactive treatment. i’m a nuc med tech… we’re the ones who give out those drinks every week.

    yes, you would probably have to do inpatient treatment, because of gwen, but at vgh anyway we give out the drinks on wednesday afternoon and they get discharged on friday morning, so it’s not THAT long. i can’t remember the exact timelines for st pauls but if you wanted me to ask i can ask my friend april who works there. it’s probably pretty similar. and yes you can use your phone and computer but they might ask you to put a piece of saran wrap over the keyboard or keep your phone in a sandwich bag so you can throw that part out before you leave. they have tv’s with cable too.

    also i heard a doctor say that the one year for no baby thing is actually more so that you can see what will happen with your thyroid levels, not because of the radiation dangers. the radiation doesn’t stay in your body that long. one of the nuc med doctors told a patient of mine that she could try right away if she really wanted to.

    finally, just be careful about what you read on the internet, there are two types of treatments: one is for graves where you get about 300 MBq and one is for thyroid cancer and they get like 5000 MBq. the rules for each are different since obviously 300 is much much less than 5000. for graves treatments you can pretty much go back to totally normal life after 2 days.

    k i’m done, sorry if that was annoying

    1. It wasn’t annoying at all! tbh I’m kind of just feeling stressed about going off my meds and when I’m stressed I make jokes about stuff like mutant powers,. It’s funny that you have to put your phone in a baggie, lol that’s what I do when I read my kindle in the bath.

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