December 29th

We are storing this Ovalia-style egg chair for Sym’s dad as he has no room in his apartment for it & it hasn’t sold yet. That’s right, it’s for sale! So if you are just starting your life of supervillainy and need to outfit your secret futuristic lair then have I got the chair for you! Seriously, email me if you want to buy this chair.

Gwen has been in fine form recently, expanding her vocabulary (she now says “nya” for no, or maybe she’s a Japanese cat? idk) and increasing her capacity for mischief exponentially by figuring out how to open the corner cupboard in the kitchen where most of the food is stored. All the cupboards have child locks on them, but the corner one opens at such an angle that she can slide it right off the lock. At first she would just take out her (empty) lunchbag and run around with it, but she soon discovered funner things, like bags of granola and Dutch-process cocoa powder and a whole entire package of blueberry muffin mix complete with little dehydrated blueberries. My vacuum cleaner has been getting quite the workout and I have to say I’ve never been happier that the property manager refused to replace the carpet in her room with laminate flooring (that is sarcasm).

Right now I’m working on getting sample pairs of boots made so I can finally launch Little Mountain! My goal is to make & photograph at least one pair each week and I’ll hopefully be ready in early- to mid-February. Of course all my samples are Gwen-sized so she reaps all the rewards: for Christmas she got a platinum leather pair and just yesterday I finished an AMAZING floral leather pair for her. I only have enough of the floral leather to make one more pair so I’m planning on doing a giveaway on my instagram in the upcoming weeks. I’m actually thinking I’ll do a bunch of giveaways of unique pairs, maybe every other month? So if you aren’t following me you should definitely start* because it’s gonna be great.

*still tryna get my numbers back up after the great insta-purge last week**

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  1. OMG those floral boots, I want some for me and both my kids. They aren’t old enough to embarrassed by that idea! My 2 year old throws a ridiculous fit every time she has to put on shoes though. Sorry it’s like 20 degrees out kid! Glad you’ll probably grow out of this phase by the time it would be acceptable for you to leave the house without shoes sometimes!

    I too have a get into everything mischief maker, so I feel your pain. Doesn’t help that she can disappear upstairs or go three rooms away from me and make some horrible mess in five minutes. Thank you old victorian house! I love you but until this kid is older, you are the worst. Sometimes I think my husband is maybe right and we should just have a puppy instead of a third kid in a year or two??

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