January 19th

I hit a super irritating snag with cobbling on the weekend, and it was ALL MY OWN FAULT. After a lot of trial an error I’d finally figured out the easiest way to get boots done, and it involves sewing just two pieces together and then punching the holes & setting the snaps before sewing up the rest of the boot. On Saturday I had just started a new pair (kelly green leather) and after punching the holes I went to set the snaps and my snap setter is… gone? I use a 4-piece snap setting tool with a stand, two separate dies (one for setting the outside of the snap and one for setting the inside) and cylindrical setter. You can see it here…

Setting snaps by hand, this is so loud I can only do this during the day when everyone is awake (or should be awake, like teens sleeping until noon) #littlemountainbabyshoes #handmade #ABC #AlwaysBeCobbling
Those of you in the know might notice that I’m using the wrong die to set these inside snaps, oopsssss.

The setting tool was in a storage bin in my hall closet where I keep all sorts of leather crafting stuff,and when I went and got it I found the dies and the stand, but not the setter. After wracking my brain to try and remember the last time I used it I realized it had been almost two weeks earlier, and there was a couple days in those two weeks when CERTAIN TODDLER PERSONS may have gotten into the bin. Usually the gate in the hallway keeps that closet off limits, but most evenings before bathtime we take the gate down and I definitely left the bin lying open for a couple days. Stupid Tanie, stupid! Never leave anything open around sneaky toddlers!

The cat in the hat.
Cat burglar?

The setter is probably somewhere in the house still (unless it was thrown in the trash or recycling) but so far we haven’t been able to find it even after thoroughly searching most of the common areas of the house and Gwen’s bedroom. I had to order a new setter this morning and it’s shipped already BUT until it arrives I can’t finish any boots. I can still sew them up and punch the holes but it’s so much easier setting the snaps BEFORE sewing up the whole boot. This whole thing definitely threw me off on my goal to make a pair each week because last week’s pair was the kelly green ones I started on Saturday, haha. Luckily I made two pairs the week before so as long as I sew my little heart out (or my little fingers off) this week I should be back on track once the new setter gets here.

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