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Sometimes I think I have a weird gift of being able to pick the absolute worst day on any given weekend/holiday for an activity. You don’t even know how many times I’ve suggested a family walk down on the Seawall only to find our way blocked by a parade or a race or a crowd of some sort. Like the time two years ago I suggested a walk on the beach on New Years Day during the Polar Bear Swim, or the trip to the playground at Second Beach that took us right into the path of the Terry Fox Run. I’ve had my plans stymied by the Sun Run, some bicycle racde, the Pride Parade, you name it. The pitfall of living downtown in the center of the routes for basically all these things I guess.

Anyway. Sunday morning was a weird combo of dim and foggy to the east & south and bright and sunny to the west & north so I had the idea to walk down to Sunset Beach and along the seawall to English Bay. It was really cool- we walked from where it was clear into the fog, and then as we headed west it burned off and you could see all the freighters out in the bay slowly emerging. Of course, that part of the Seawall is part of the route for the half-marathon that was happening that day because OF COURSE IT WAS. Luckily it was near the end of the route and we were down there early enough that it didn’t start to get crowded with runners until the end of our walk, but still. STILL. I’m going to have to start keeping track of all the runs and races and things so this STOPS HAPPENING.


Valentine’s Day was lovely. I love picking out presents for everyone, although for some reason I’m always stumped on what to get Taylor for Valentine’s, so after spending several hours shopping on Friday afternoon I went back to the same well as last year and got him scotch. Why mess with the classics, right? Maybe it can be the thing, I get him a new, different scotch to try every year. Symphony got a Funko POP Dancing Groot and some Tony Moly cosmetics (THEY’RE SO CUTE), and Gwen got a heart-print mini hamper with a cute Valentine’s dress and stuffed pig inside. For me Taylor made a super cute Lego fox. He designed it himself, went out to the Lego store for bulk bricks and put it together in secret. It’s so sweet! He definitely put more thought into my gift than I did to his so I need to STEP UP my game for our wedding anniversary next month.


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