February 26th



I love this little red dress so much I ordered it in burgundy as well :X
Great blue heron nests down by Stanley Park.

After all the sunny days last week it’s turned very grey here.



Baby loves coffee cake. I used this recipe but subbed pecans for walnuts (yuck), used smoked chocolate chips and added a swirl of rye whiskey caramel sauce to the batter.

I kind of can’t believe February is almost over. I know this month has been dragging for a lot of people (especially those who’ve been snowed or iced in) but here it’s just blown by.

After my small freak-the-freak-out on Monday I’ve been trying to be more chill this week. Obviously I can’t do everything in my life in one day, and I also really need to take the time to relax. Thankfully after being swamped with orders earlier this month I’m mostly caught up on banner making. Having dozens & dozens of open orders when I make everything myself by hand can be SO STRESSFUL. I really work my ass off not to ship anything late, although last week I stupidly forgot to buy envelopes and had to send out a couple banners two days later than scheduled. OH THE HUMANITY.

Of course, as soon as I decide I’m going to try not to bug out about things I had to deal with the biggest load of BS nonsense all day yesterday. Stressing about garbage online, stressing about garbage irl, kind of made me want to delete my blog, close my etsy, quit my job and go live under a rock with no wi-fi. Thankfully almost everything seems to have been resolved but UGH. Here’s hoping the rest of the week is less annoying.

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  1. So glad things are looking up.
    I love Gwen’s dress, especially as I have something for her that I think will go amazingly well with it.
    We’re leaving here Sunday or Monday ( depends when the folks whose house we are in get back: they are flying standby from Vietnam.) Should be back in B C in a week.
    See you soon! XXX

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