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Some things I’m loving this week…

Ghost Pine perfume oil from Lvnea.
image credit: Lvnea
I recently ordered a 4-pack of sample-size fragrances from this etsy shop: Ghost Pine, Wild in the Woods, Mourning Ritual and Desert Night. Ghost Pine is my absolute favourite of the four; before I tried it I joked to Taylor that it was going to make me smell like a sexy forest and it does. I will definitely be ordering it in full-size once my sample runs out.

Here is a Song
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.22.16 PM
Every two weeks, a new letter from Vivian about a song (sort of).

Hand-poked tattoos by Eva Bryant.
image credit: Eva Bryant
I’ve known Eva for years, online AND irl. She even babysat for kindergarten-age Sym a few times. When I had the idea for this tattoo (a hand holding a cedar branch) I knew IMMEDIATELY she was just the person to do it, and I’m so happy with it. You can see more of her work on instagram and tumblr.

This red embroidered dress from Zara.
I’m obsessed with this dress. Originally I wanted a different dress from Free People that had a similar ~vibe~ but was olive green, aka my fave colour for everything these days. I had it in my shopping cart and was thisclose to checking out but with taxes & duty it was over $300. My WEDDING DRESS cost $300, no way am I spending that much on a regular dress! Anyway this Zara dress is the perfect alternative, it might even be better? The Free People one had a high-low skirt which I wasn’t 100% sold on (on which I wasn’t 100% sold?).

Andrew Bird’s cover of Far From Any Road

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