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Some things I’m loving this week…

“Mystery Plane”
I can’t get over the details in this piece by my girl Sara M Lyons (and I kind of think I should prob make that “Out Of This World” banner).

Liz & LJ on “Severance”
I just really enjoy what they have to say about Stan.

In Celebration of Old-School Livejournal
Almost all of my internet friends are livejournal friends. Even though I haven’t updated my journal in yearsssss I was still in an active community until very recently (well, I’m still in it but it moved the facebook late last year? earlier this year? Basically what I’m saying is that I was definitely still using livejournal in 2014.)

North Forty Designs Framehouse
HOW COOL IS THIS PLAYHOUSE? I love the idea of the moon & stars hung from it, or you could do sun & clouds, or leaves. I don’t $725 love it tho (or maybe I DO $725 love it but my bank account doesn’t $725 love me), but maybe I could like… make one myself? Haha I always think I have these carpentry skills that I so don’t but you have to start somewhere, right?

My amazing & talented niece Zabrina…

youtube channel // facebook

4 Replies to “five things | six”

  1. I loved livejournal. Everyone was a living breathing book. I get a bit lost in other formats, especially now my html skills are outmoded!
    I still love your book and feel privileged to see your life unfold. <3

  2. YOU COULD BUILD THAT PLAYHOUSE! Even with the mortise and tenon joints. You are really good at that stuff. And for considerably less money. A huge lot less.

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