april kawaii box

We (Sym and I) received the April Kawaii Box in the first week of May but I’ve been too busy to post about it until now. I think I liked this box a little better than the March one; with the exception of one item everything is pretty good! I took these pics in Sym’s room in the middle of setting up her new bed so they aren’t great but oh well. I think Sym got more stuff than me, but I’m okay with that. In this box we got:

– “Love Rabbit” stickers, these are super puffy and very cute (Sym’s pick)
– squishy cat paw cellphone charm, chocolate(???) scented? weird (my pick, stolen by Gwen)
– Collon cookies, I’ve had the chocolate and vanilla ones before, these were (I assume) green tea. Pretty good, sweet at the start with a very tea-ish aftertaste. (shared with everyone)
– stick on gems for cellphone decoration (Sym’s pick)
– little plush cat (my pick, stolen by Gwen)
– Rilakkuma notebook with pink pages (my pick)
– orange macaron trinket box, at first I thought this might have lipgloss in it but it’s just empty (my pick)
– another pen, this one with a little pony on it (Sym’s pick)
– sheep-themed pencil case, at first I thought these were knock off Arkapassos but it helpfully says “ovis aries” on it (the scientific name for domestic sheep) (Sym’s pick)
– pink & white polkadot vinyl bow hair clip, I love how this looks in her hair with the pink tips! (Sym’s pick)
– not pictured: a pack of assorted colours of loose glitter, this was shedding all over Sym’s bed so we left it in the box. The flop item, very messy and neither of us wanted it (I have enough glitter & Sym is not into glitter-based crafts)



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