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There are a ton of wildfires in BC right now and on the weekend the smoke from some of them flumped down on the city. Sunday morning I woke up early with Gwen to find the sky covered in weird yellowish-brown clouds. At first I was like “Is this just what clouds look like? Has it been so long I don’t remember?” but after Taylor woke up he confirmed for me that it was from the fires. The clouds were so eerie, but even stranger was the sun: it was like a weird reddish pearl in the sky. You could look right at it and see clouds moving across it’s face. In the late morning/early afternoon the sky cleared up for a bit, but then the clouds flooded back and dropped even lower, blanketing the streets with smoky haze and filling the city with the smell of burning wood. It’s still like that today, although it seems a little cooler maybe? I just hope we get some rain soon.

picture by Taylor

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  1. Today is the first day in Winnipeg in like a week it hasn’t been crazy smoky. I find having a yellow sky and red sun so depressing! I didn’t realize how much it had been affecting me until I saw blue sky again this morning and felt so relieved.

    1. haha yeah the smoke lifted and now it just smells like regular summer-in-the-city smells ie HOT GARBAGE. The skies are still hazy but it’s not down at street level anymore. Gwen has a cough now tho 🙁

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