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Gwen & Lola
My neighbour’s home-invading cat Lola welcomes you to this links post.

Hello Kitty, goodbye men! A 29-year-old woman who prioritizes her Hello Kitty collection over dating. “Not that Natasha really cares. She added, ‘If a man doesn’t like my kitty kingdom then I’m not interested.'”

Little Unicorn Summer Poppy swaddle blanket. I KNOW I KNOW this exact blanket is all over every popular blog & instagram account, and at 2 1/2 Gwen is a lil old for swaddling. Whenever we go out in her stroller these days she INSISTS on having a blanket on her lap, which I don’t mind as it shades her from the sun. However, since she was born in the winter, all her swaddles are flannel and it has been way too hot for that lately. This bright poppy printed muslin swaddle is lightweight, as well as cute and reasonably priced. I didn’t love their $20 shipping to Canada, but luckily I have a friend in Ohio who was willing to ship it to me.

More infographics on cheese than you thought was necessary. Just kidding, cheese is the best and we could all use more infographics on it (although I disagree with any pairing involving red wine because ew).

Date While You Wait This is pretty cute. I am very often cynical and dismissive about things like this but I’m trying not to be such a bitter betty.

Night Sky handpainted wooden blocks. Tacky to include something of my own but idc, I’m so happy with how these turned out! Next I’m making a set of blocks with each side painted a different metallic colour, which I think will look pretty cool. These are really fun to do, and I’m considering listing them for sale in the shop (yes I know I very recently said there was no point to me trying to sell things other than banner because they all flop but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

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