fern friend

fern friend 1

taylor gwen market

gwen sitting market
I bought Gwen this pink hoodie with bunnies & squirrels on it and she is obsessed, she wants to wear it all the time and gives it hugs & kisses.

gwen chair serious

gwen chair silly

I recently bought a fern for my desk. I actually got a pot for it when we were at Ikea the other weekend so I figured I’d better put a plant in it before it got filled up with junk. In spite of my black thumb like having a lil green friend around, let’s just hope I can keep it alive longer than my last indoor fern, or the fern that was outside my window but shrivelled up and died during this drought.

air plant friend 1

I also bought an air plant that I put in this little glass pyramid that’s been sitting empty on my shelf for like… eight months, along with a cool crystal my MIL gave me. WHICH PLANT WILL LAST LONGER? Place your bets now. Although they were so cheap if they don’t last I can just replace them with new ferns and air plants. Ugh, what a disposable society we live in. I’m going to really try to keep them alive tho.

fern friend 2
Lil fern friend has a lil mushroom friend.

air plant friend 2

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