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Last week I received the sad news that Gwen’s lil friend, who has been coming to my house for daycare since he was about 10 months old, is moving to a group daycare. He’ll still come for the first three weeks of August, and after that I’m hoping that we’ll get to see him for playdates because he really is Gwen’s best friend. I’d hate for her to lose him, since she’s so shy and doesn’t make friends easily.

Now, before I had Gwen a daycare kid leaving would be nbd, or only a msd (medium-sized deal?) because when I was licensed I had 3-6 other kids, but since his family were my only clients… yikes. Ever since I found out I’ve been working hard to find more work. I had already taken the first step towards getting my childcare license again in early July, but it’ll be weeks IF NOT MONTHS before I see any results from that. In the meantime I signed up on to try to find some new clients. I’ve had a couple messages already but so far nothing has panned out. I’m still hopeful though!

With my day job turning into day unemployment I’ve been working extra hard on my side hustles. Right now everything is the Unicorn Parade Shop is still 25% off with the code SUMMER25 (sorry but I will be posting about this A LOT), and on the weekend I set up a Society6 shop as well. Right now I have a couple new prints available, as well as Symphony’s Fawn and Mecha Fawn which you might remember from back in the olden times. I think these were some of the first things I sold in my etsy, before I ever even made my first banner! Anyway from now through August 9th you can get free shipping worldwide*, as well as $5 off laptop sleeves. WHAT A DEAL** TBH. Get yourself a SORRY MOM print today!

*Free Shipping offer excludes framed art prints and stretched canvases.
**Please note that when I’ve ordered from Society6 with free shipping myself I’ve had to pay duty when receiving my item.

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