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birch & sky
This perfect summer sky beckons you into this links post…

The images from Exobiotanica are hauntingly beautiful.

Almie Rose takes a journey through the nightmare that is Return to Oz.

Why microbeads in beauty products are even worse than you think.

I love these customizable bird temporary tattoos.

Netflix CLAIMS this isn’t an official teaser for their new A Series of Unfortunate Events original series but like… come on.

I loved this series when it first came out (when I was in my 20s…) and can’t wait to see it done proper justice.

After some fast & furious text messaging on Wednesday and a lot of last minute logistics configuring, I am island bound this weekend! I didn’t think I’d be able to afford to go this month but I managed to find a way to do it on the cheap. I’d love to come to to a bunch of new orders so don’t forget you can get 25% off all items in my shop with the code SUMMER25 and free shipping in my Society6 thru Sunday!

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