squelch beach

I didn’t mean for these trip-to-the-island posts to drag on for quite so long but I had some serious chaos around here last week and just didn’t have time to get to this, the final post. On our last day we went up to a beach on what my research tells me is Craig Bay (although I’m sure my mom will correct me if I’m wrong) but I like to call SQUELCH BEACH. The tide was out and the place was a serious mudpit, but in a good way? The wet sand was covered in crabs and periwinkles and oysters and even jellyfish. Gwen loved it, as soon as she got down to the sand she took off her shoes and just headed out to sea. The dogs also had a blast, and were very wet, muddy and smelly very quickly. Luckily (?) we trapped ourselves on the wrong side of the creek when the tide came in and had to walk back the long way round through the forest, which gave the dogs time to dry off and Gwen time to become very tired, so she fell asleep in the car on the way back to my mom’s.

01 squelch beach

02 gwen on the beach
That little pink speck is Gwen.

03 dogs on the beach

04 squelch beach
There is also a little pink Gwen-speck in this pic, although you probably can’t even see her. She just went for it.

05 water dogs

06 georgie & gwen in the water

07 micro crab
The tiniest crab in Crabville, it’s basically invisible.

08 rip shoes
When we got back to my mom’s I threw these in the trash, rip shoes.

09 dogs in the rocks

10 gwen on the rocks

11 kichou on the shore
At one point I lost sight of Kichou and had a panic that I’d have to call Taylor and be like “I lost your dog in the ocean, sorreeeeee.” Thankfully he’d just gone to explore a nearby resort, not the world under the sea.

12 gwen walking close

13 gwen walking far

14 honeycomb rocks
There were loads of these cool rock formations but unfortunately most were COVERED in goose doody, making them very unphotogenic.

15 zoe & chris on the bluff
My sister and her boyfriend, who were excellent travelling companions.

16 slime sluice
The aforementioned resort’s artifical waterfall, christened the Slime Sluice.

17 gwen on the blackberry trail
She discovered blackberries on this trail and we ended up wayyyyyy behind the others.

18 horsetails

19 dome spider
the woods were full of these weird dome-shaped spiderwebs

20 trees & sky

21 gwen sleeping

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