There was a huge storm here over the weekend. Living underground as we do, I didn’t even realize until I took Gwen with me to the post office on Saturday and we were almost blown away. Afterwards we tried to go to the farmer’s market to get some tomatoes and berries but the wind was so bad they had shut down early.

A lot of branches and whole trees and power lines came down, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power. I wasn’t one of those people, for which I feel incredibly lucky. The border of the blackout was actually just 1 block north and half a block east of my house!

01 cedar sidewalk
All these red cedar twigs and branches and cones all over the sidewalk are weirdly inspirational to me, like I want to photograph all the individual elements and put them together to make like… desktop wallpaper or giftwrap or something. Maybe when it’s dry out I’ll go collect some fresh specimens off the tree.

02 crow on fence

03 puddle reflection

04 fallen tree
That is not where that tree is supposed to be.

05 gwen on beach

06 sunset beach

07 gwen on log

08 gwen on rock

09 gwen on seawall
Cozy in her her owl blanket.

10 stormy skies
Ready to start storming again at any minute.

On Sunday the rain and wind let up long enough for Gwen and I to take a little wander down to Sunset Beach and along the Seawall. The weather was definitely feeling mercurial; at times so sunny and warm I had to take of my jacket and sweater and at others threatening more rain, but other than a few errant raindrops we stayed dry.

sale promo Aug 2015 final day
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